Construction Insurance

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Construction Insurance

Individual protection for construction projects of all sizes: A lot can happen in the time it takes to complete a construction project: to the building itself, to the neighbors or when dealing with craftsmen. Construction insurances from Zurich offer businesses comprehensive protection and professional claims handling by qualified construction experts.

Benefits at a glance

  • In the event of a loss, Zurich Builder‘s Risk Insurance will advance the liability insurer’s benefit – this means you don’t have to delay construction work and can avoid conflicts on the site
  • Generous coverage included in basic builder’s risk insurance; interesting supplementary coverage for optimum protection
  • Principal’s liability also offers protection if you are made liable for losses where you are not at fault (strict liability)
  • Construction insurance solutions tailored to your requirements for construction projects of all sizes: from small apartments to massive complexes
  • Professional support from construction and insurance experts, lawyers versed in construction law and – if necessary – engineers
  • Zurich also represents you in defending against unjustified claims

In detail

Wherever construction activity is happening, there may be slip-ups and accidents – to the building during construction, to neighboring structures, to parties on-site and unrelated persons. It is well worth protecting yourself. Builder’s risk and principal’s liability insurance from Zurich can create the ideal solution for construction projects of all sizes.

Zurich Builder’s Risk Insurance covers the following

  • All parties involved in construction: principal, planner, contractor and craftsmen
  • Loss or damage caused by construction accidents, vandalism and theft
  • All construction activities and materials for your construction project
  • Cleanup and breakdown costs up to 10% of the sum insured
  • Add-on components, e.g. to cover loss or damage during the warranty period, earthquakes, scaffolding and setup materials, additional costs, scratches on glass

Builder’s risk benefits in the event of loss or damage

  • No delays to construction because Zurich advances the benefit that the originator has to pay
  • This advance helps avoid conflicts between the parties involved in construction
  • Also covers first-party losses excluded by the liability insurance held by parties involved in construction

Zurich Principals' Liability Insurance

  • Covers claims arising from bodily injury or property damage and protects you against the financial consequences, e.g. in the event of damage to neighboring properties
  • Also covers damage arising on a neighbor’s land as a result of your construction activities, even where you are not directly at fault (strict liability)
  • Liability insurance for principal's defends against unjustified claims and represents you in claims negotiations
  • Ground-up coverage includes loss prevention costs and pure pecuniary losses up to CHF 100,000 each
  • Experienced claims inspectors help prevent disputes with neighbors

Ready and waiting: expert support

  • With builder’s risk and principal’s liability insurance, our experts work with you to check that you have the right coverage
  • Appropriate and flexible insurance packages to meet your individual requirements
  • Construction insurance solutions tailored to your requirements, for construction projects of all sizes
  • Zurich engineers are ready to assist with large-scale and complex construction projects
  • Lawyers who are experts in construction law support you in legal disputes in the event of loss or damage

Good to know

  • Contractors and craftsmen usually also contribute toward the premium together with the principal, since builder’s risk insurance also protects their benefits
  • Typical losses in builder’s risk insurance are, e.g. water and pipe damage, theft, building pit collapse, scaffolding and ceilings
  • Common liability losses for which principals are responsible can include cracks in neighboring buildings, sinking (subsidence) of pipes and street
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Whether contractor’s liability or suretyship: insurance from Zurich offers security and trust in business agreements.

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Protect your valuable systems with insurance for solar power systems, geothermal probes and heat pumps.

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