Asset insurance for pension funds

Benefits at a glance

  • Protection for claims against the pension plan or its sponsor (professional indemnity)
  • Protection for private assets belonging to directors and officers (directors’ & officers’ liability)
  • Optional coverage for the pension plan as regards criminal acts (breach of fidelity)
  • Pays the costs of justified claims and legal defense against unjustified Claims
  • Comprehensive security thanks to numerous additional coverage modules
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Good to know

Use pension trustee liability insurance to protect yourself against these risks, among others:

  • Complaints from beneficiaries and supervisory authorities
  • Below-average investment results
  • Growing accounting requirements
  • Restructuring efforts
  • Monitoring transactions and their costs
  • Delegating tasks

In detail

Pension trustee liability insurance protects pension funds and pension plans (and their sponsors) against the financial consequences of claims for damages.

Basic protection

  • Insurance for foundation or supervisory board members, members of the board of directors and other decision-makers for pension plans and their sponsors
  • Protection for claims involving the administration, management or control of pension plans
  • Basic coverage such as professional indemnity, directors’ & officers’ liability and breach of fidelity (optional)

Comprehensive solution thanks to many additional modules (selection)

  • Covers immediate costs in emergencies and the costs of investigations, penal prosecution, extradition proceedings or the costs involved in obtaining bail
  • Pays fines and penalties incurred as a result of civil or administrative proceedings
  • Zurich covers the costs of psychological counseling in crisis management and the expense of maintaining the usual standard of living in the event of penal prosecution
  • Pays additional legal defense costs if the sum insured has been used up
  • Financial security for computer crime and forgery
  • Pays the costs of business interruption, extortion and damage to property in custody

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