Insurance of assets for companies

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Insurance of assets for companies

Building a company is hard work. In addition to a great deal of passion and commitment, it also requires a lot of investment. Managing a business and keeping it running comes with challenges. Strategic planning and maintaining a customer base are just as essential as financial stability. It is therefore important to recognise risks and protect yourself accordingly.
Insurance can be divided into three main types: Property insurance, personal insurance and asset insurance. The latter protect companies against financial losses that can arise, for example, if others suffer damage as a result of their own company's work and therefore make claims for compensation.

What insurance of assets is available for companies?

At Zurich, we offer your company the following types of insurance of assets:

Professional indemnity insurance: Protects freelancers, such as medical professionals, lawyers, engineers, against financial claims from customers or third parties that may arise due to errors, omissions or negligence in their professional activities.

Commercial liability insurance: Protects the company against financial losses that may be caused by personal injury or property damage.

Commercial legal protection insurance: Our partner Orion advises and represents you professionally in legal disputes. This protects your company against unauthorized third-party claims.

Directors' and officers' liability insurance: This protects the private assets of members of executive management and the board of directors. Costs for defending against unjustified claims are covered.

Cyber insurance: Protects you from the financial impact of cyber attacks on your company.

Contractor's liability and suretyship insurance: Guarantees your company and increases liquidity planning – for more financial leeway.

Credit Insurance: Protects your company if customers become insolvent (e.g. through bankruptcy).

Check which insurances are useful for you and your company and secure yourself. This way, you will be protected against financial damages that could arise, for example, from compensation claims. When taking out such an insurance, it is important to consider your individual requirements and determine the right coverage for you.

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