Betriebshaftpflichtversicherung für Unternehmen

Commercial Liability Insurance

Commercial liability insurance

If third parties suffer damage or harm as a result of your company's work, we pay compensation for insured events. We defend you against unjustified claims.

Your advantages

Mistakes can happen to anyone: That's why our commercial liability insurance protects your business in the event of claims. It provides cover against common risks and can be individually extended depending on the industry.

Tailored to your industry

The basic insurance can be extended with a range of supplementary cover insurance to suit your industry.

Double annual aggregate

The limit per event can be exhausted twice per year.

Professional claims management

Our specialist team is well connected to a wider network of experts and will support you when an incident occurs.

Basic insurance

For common risks

Business premises risk

Hazards arising from company buildings, premises or land.

Example: Part of the ceiling comes loose at your store and injures your customers.

Operational risk

Hazards arising from your company's activities.

Example: During the course of construction work, a wall collapses and injures an employee of another construction company.

Product risk

Hazards arising from your company's products.

Example: In your restaurant, a guest bites on a stone in the risotto and damages a tooth.

Environmental risk

Sudden environmental hazards arising from your business activities.

Example: Due to a sudden leak, a neighboring property is being contaminated.

Supplementary cover

For industry-specific risks

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Commercial liability insurance explained simply

In the video, you will learn which benefits are included in the insurance and which losses are covered.

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