Fleet Insurance

Benefits at a glance

  • One contract and one invoice with a billing frequency of your choice (annually, semi-annually or quarterly) for your entire fleet
  • Attractive solutions for small fleets with five to fifteen license plates
  • Individual premium calculation for your fleet insurance – if necessary the premium can be split across various cost centers
  • Up-to-date vehicle lists with coverage overview available at all times
  • Comprehensive documentation of loss figures to help with transparency and risk prevention
  • Choose between bonus level system or fixed premium
  • Includes Help Point services – throughout Switzerland
  • GAP analysis and loss control, systematic review and assessment of fleet risk management
  • International claims service via Zurich branches abroad

Good to know

  • With GAP analysis, Zurich offers a new service for more effective control of work-related traffic risks
  • Through Help Point, Zurich offers you a Switzerland-wide claims service for vehicles up to 3.5 tons
  • Through risk management and a detailed claims assessment from Zurich, you can identify risks and take direct action
  • You can insure business trips taken in a private car
  • You can also choose to insure accompanying vehicles

In detail

With Zurich, you can insure your entire fleet. In addition to mandatory liability insurance, it also includes various supplementary options to give you comprehensive insurance coverage for your company cars.

Third-party liability

  • Liability insurance is required by law
  • Covers damage you cause to third parties with your vehicle
  • Defends against unjustified claims by others
  • Provides insurance coverage up to CHF 100m
  • Gross negligence is also covered

Premium calculation

  • Your premium is calculated according to the vehicle type and its intended purpose
  • The bonus/penalty system works the same way as for a private vehicle
  • If you choose a fixed premium, the premium stays the same – even for accident-free driving


  • Insurance for mutual liability claims for vehicles that are part of the fleet


  • Collision insurance covers damage to fleet vehicles caused by a collision, overturning, falling or sinking
  • Insures against malicious actions by third parties
  • Gross negligence is also covered
  • Collision plus partial accidental damage equals comprehensive coverage

Partial accidental damage

  • Partial accidental damage insurance covers your fleet vehicles against theft, fire, natural hazards, collision with animals, damage by martens, glass breakage and vandalism
  • You can also choose to insure your vehicles against theft of travel effects from the car and against loss or damage caused while parked
  • You can also extend the coverage for glass breakage


  • Accident insurance pays benefits in the event of death, disability and temporary inability to work and pays a daily benefit if you are hospitalized
  • Pays medical expenses within five years following the day of the accident
  • Insurance benefits are paid immediately after an accident, even if it is not yet clear who is at fault

Additional option: Breakdown Assistance

  • Breakdown assistance insurance brings your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible by on-the-spot advice and organization
  • It pays for towing costs and provides immediate breakdown assistance. If your vehicle is off the road, it pays the costs for the recovery of your vehicle
  • The costs of accommodation or of onward or return travel are also insured
  • If your vehicle (under 3.5 tons) is defective due to a breakdown/accident, we organize a replacement car for you

Small fleets

  • Assumption of transfer costs
  • Entry at lowest bonus level
  • 30% discount on passenger accident insurance
  • No deductible for losses or damages caused while parked

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