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With us you stay mobile: We take care of your fleet so that you can concentrate on your core business. You can count on us. Because we offer you the entire spectrum of insurance coverage. Benefit from attractive services, committed claims management and a tailored prevention offering.


Our product: simply secure

We make things easy for you: Insure all your vehicles from five or more license plates with one contract – with minimal administrative effort. So that you can concentrate fully on your business. Compile your perfect package from different modules. There are lots of options!

Our service: at your call 24/7

Make use of our committed claims service, with about 30 Help Points and many partner garages throughout Switzerland. We are there for you around the clock and organize the repair for you if required – with a lifetime guarantee. We ensure that things continue to run smoothly for you, until your vehicle is on the road again.

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Our prevention: your success

The cheapest claim is the one that never happens. As our customer, you recognize claim patterns thanks to our free claims analysis. It will give you ideas on how to prevent claims in future. With our customizable loss prevention coaching you enhance the safety of your employees, the satisfaction of your partners and the success of your company.

Benefits at a glance

  • One for all: Insure all your vehicles under one policy, from the snowplow through to the delivery van. 
  • We make things it easy for you: With Zurich there is little paperwork, because the focus is on your business. 
  • There for you, 24/7: In the event of a loss or a breakdown, you can rely on us at all times.
  • We take care of everything: We organize the repair for you if required, and keep you on the road.
  • We help to prevent claims: We are happy to support you recognizing claim patterns with our damage prevention coaching. 
  • Security for your employees: Recognize strengths and weaknesses and increase your security accordingly.

Questions frequently asked by customers

Which vehicles can I insure under one fleet contract?

You can insure your entire vehicle fleet, from five or more license plates, from your company cars, vans and trucks to your forklifts and excavators, and even your snowplow.

What specifically does Zurich Fleet Insurance do?

We offer great services and make administration easy for you, for example with one bill for the entire contract. Incidentally, with us even vehicles in excess of 3.5 metric tons benefit from attractive assistance services.

Which vehicles benefit from the Help Point-network?

You can have all cars and commercial vehicles up to 3.5 metric tons gross vehicle weight repaired through our Help Point-network. Of course we will also support you with our expertise in the repair of larger vehicles.

Is it true that I don't have to fill in any forms in the event of a loss?

Yes, a phone call or a brief visit to a Help Point is all it takes. We'll take the strain and do all the paperwork for you – so that you can keep concentrating on your day-to-day business in the event of a loss.

My company is located a long way from the nearest Help Point – what good is the network to me?

You too can benefit because in addition to the 27 Help Points, we also have a tight network of partner garages throughout Switzerland – including one near to you.

Is claims analysis only worth the effort for large companies?

You can benefit from it as an SME, too. We illustrate your claim patterns in a graph. In this way you can recognize the factors that lead to claims in your company, for example the time of day, the weather or the day of the week. On this basis, we can work out some countermeasures together.

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Business risk under control

Products manufactured incorrectly, incorrect machine operation – liability insurance helps you calculate risk.

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Vita – occupational retirement provision

Mandatory occupational retirement provision (BVG) supplements AHV/IV benefits in old age, disability and death. Make provisions for yourself as an entrepreneur and for your employees and choose the occupational pension plan from Zurich and Vita Joint Foundations that suits you best.

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