Marine insurance

Financial protection for manufacturing enterprises, freight forwarders and retailers: Has a container been lost overboard, has a trailer been tipped over or have goods been delivered too late? With a customized Zurich insurance solution, manufacturing and transport enterprises are protected worldwide if liability claims are asserted against them or goods are damaged in transit.

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Freight forwarders liability and Carriers liability

No matter how careful you are, it is not always possible to convey goods to their destination undamaged. Zurich's freight forwarder's and carrier's liability insurance covers transport enterprises against financial loss if they are confronted with a claim owing to a mishap in transit.
  • Freight forwarders and carriers are insured against property damage or financial loss if the goods entrusted to them get lost or damaged (including during loading and unloading).
  • They are also covered in the event of late or incorrect delivery, or customs clearance errors.
  • Zurich also covers the costs arising in connection with loss prevention, salvaging and the destruction of damaged goods.
  • Warehouse keepers are insured against the loss of and damage to stored goods within the scope of their statutory and/or contractual liability.
  • Special solutions: The combined freight forwarder's and warehouse keeper's liability insurance covers the transport of own goods such as personal effects and business equipment carried in the vehicle.
  • With Zurich you benefit from proven risk analysis expertise and a worldwide network of representatives in over 30 countries.

Incidentally:  This freight forwarder's and carrier's liability insurance also provides you with legal protection: Zurich will fight any unjustified third-party claims.

Specie insurance

With specie insurance, anyone transporting banknotes, precious metals or securities is protected against the risks of loss or damage.

Cargo insurance

If goods are damaged or lost in transit, manufacturing and commercial enterprises can face expensive claims. Zurich cargo insurance protects against the financial consequences.
  • Owners of raw materials and production goods are protected against financial risks if their property is damaged or disappears in transit.
  • Thanks to individual risk analysis, you get customized solutions including insurance certificates (universal coverage or limited insurance).
  • You benefit from Zurich's worldwide network, with representatives in over 30 countries.
  • Coverage can be extended to include, for example, damage caused while moving the goods by forklift, indoor crane, pallet trolley, etc. or during trade fairs or luggage.
  • Contract penalties or business interruption caused by transport damage can also be insured.

Incidentally: With "Zurich Stock&Transit" your goods are insured during planned periods of storage in overseas distribution centers or intermediate storage facilities for up to 180 days per storage.
Normal cargo insurance only covers transport-related periods of storage (for a maximum of one to two months).

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