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Comprehensive coverage in cooperation with Sanitas

Sanitas It goes without saying that you value your own health and that of your family. Our partner Sanitas offers health insurance solutions for every situation – be it mandatory basic insurance or individual supplementary insurance.

Basic insurance

If you live in Switzerland you are required by law to take out health insurance. Sanitas offers a range of basic insurance options to meet your particular requirements. The medical services provided in each case are identical, but you can make considerable savings on premiums depending on the option you choose.

Basic insurance (Basic)

With the standard model you are free to choose your physician – from your family doctor to a specialist. This insurance covers outpatient treatment where you live and where you work.

Alternative insurance models with savings potential

If you want to benefit from discounts on your basic insurance, you should select one of the following alternative insurance models. However, in the event of illness, you must remember to always seek advice by phone first or only consult your family doctor or a network of physicians.

  • Compact One: reliable medical advice over the phone around the clock; children’s health hotline and emergency nanny service included
  • CallMed: initial medical consultation over the phone by Medgate around the clock, then free choice of physician
  • CareMed (family doctor model): initial treatment and coordination of any further treatment by your family doctor
  • NetMed (physician network model): initial treatment and coordination of any further treatment by a physician from a network of physicians or a group practice. This offer is not available throughout Switzerland.
These four insurance models allow you to benefit from attractive premium discounts. Your Zurich advisor would be happy to put together an offer geared to your requirements.

Supplementary insurance

The benefits under basic insurance offer you solid protection. However, if you fall ill, there are still gaps in your insurance cover which can be very expensive if you have to pay for them yourself. Supplementary insurance plans that can be selected to meet your particular requirements deliver comprehensive cover.


This supplementary insurance plan is specifically tailored to you and your family. Benefits include:

  • Rooming-in*: covers the accommodation costs of persons accompanying infants (up to the age of 5) undergoing treatment in hospital
  • Orthodontics* up to the age of 18
  • Prevention*: covers gynecological check-ups – including one mammogram each calendar year, vaccinations, medical check-ups
  • Maternity*: covers the cost of additional ultrasound examinations, antenatal classes as well as antenatal and postnatal exercise classes
  • Home Assistance: if the person caring for your children (up to age 16) has to go to hospital and you, the parents, are absent, a home help will be organized to look after your children (a service provided by the global emergency rescue organization Europ Assistance)
* Up to 80% of the costs of these benefits are paid from your benefits account.


This supplementary insurance plan is designed for young adults aged between 19 and 25. For example, it pays contributions towards:

  • Out-patient emergency treatment abroad (90% of the costs for a maximum of 180 days)
  • Glasses and/or contact lenses (CHF 200 every 3 years)
  • Membership fees for Qualitop-certified fitness centers (CHF 200 per year)
  • Removal of wisdom teeth (CHF 100 per tooth)

Supplementary hospital insurance

In the event of in-patient hospital treatment, your mandatory basic insurance only covers costs incurred in the canton in which you live. Supplementary hospital insurance offers you greater flexibility. You are also covered in the event of medical emergencies abroad.

Tailored to your needs

Sanitas offers a variety of other supplementary insurance solutions that allow you to improve your coverage in case of illness – flexibly and in accordance with your particular requirements. Your Zurich advisor would be happy to explain the options available.

Good to know

  • Prenatal registration allows you to prevent gaps in coverage if your child is born with complications. This way you can ensure, for example, that any supplementary insurance cover is applicable without restriction for existing diseases or congenital defects.
  • Sanitas offers the right health insurance solution with savings potential to suit any budget. Insuring all your family members with Sanitas also enables you to significantly reduce your administrative costs.
  • For each insurance year, children receive a loyalty bonus of CHF 50 which is paid out retroactively for the corresponding years when they turn 7, 14 and 18. Premiums are also waived from the third child insured.
  • The benefits account is part of the Family supplementary insurance plan. This account is used to pay benefits that are not or only partly covered by basic insurance. You choose the benefit account balance for each family member, choosing between CHF 10,000, CHF 25,000 and CHF 50,000 per year.
  • Unlike mandatory basic insurance, a risk assessment is required for supplementary insurance plans to be completed along with a health questionnaire.
  • All listed amounts are maximum amounts and apply per calendar year unless stated otherwise. Benefit payments are determined exclusively on the basis of the Swiss Federal Law on Health Insurance (KVG), related ordinances as well as the General Terms of Insurance and Supplementary Terms of Sanitas.
  • The legal entities for this service are: Sanitas Sanitas Privatversicherungen AG, Wincare Versicherungen AG, Sanitas Grundversicherungen AG, Compact Grundversicherungen AG

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