Valuables Insurance

Valuable watch in a storage box

Zurich Insurance of Valuables

Comprehensive protection for your favorite valuables

Everyone has prize possessions. It is a terrible experience when such items are damaged, broken or stolen. Zurich Insurance of Valuables offers you comprehensive protection.

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    A walker gone astray

    Step on your hearing aid by mistake and now the silence is deafening? Has your walker gone astray? Have you ‘broken up’ with your glasses? Zurich Insurance of Valuables can make things right again. We pay to replace your aids in case of damage, loss or destruction.

    Oops, the wedding ring

    When washing your hands, your wedding ring staged a break and is now slipping and sliding away through the water pipes. Thanks to Zurich Insurance of Valuables, this will not affect your marriage, even if the ring is irreplaceable.

    Art appreciation

    Your valuable sculpture has garnered the attention of a football – now it looks more like postmodern art. Before you flip out and turn your china into a jigsaw, remember the fantastic idea you had to take out Zurich Insurance of Valuables, so everything will be OK.

    Benefits at a glance

    • Lost? Damaged? Destroyed? You can sleep soundly at night with the comprehensive protection afforded by all-risk coverage. 
    • Flexible protection of the items you cherish: You decide what items you wish to insure.
    • A broad spectrum: You can insure musical instruments, weapons, fountain pens, handbags or hearing aids.
    • Stay on the safe side, worldwide: Your favorite items are insured while traveling as well.
    • Whoops The insurance even covers mishaps.
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    What other customers ask

    Insurance of valuables: For millionaires only?

    By no means. In addition to luxury items we will insure any possessions that are dear to you, from wedding rings to designer glasses and surfboards.

    What kind of damage and loss cases are insured?

    You benefit from comprehensive all-risk protection. This means that everything not explicitly excluded is insured. Theft of your wristwatch, a dropped camera, an antique rug bombed by a glass of red wine...

    Isn’t comprehensive coverage far too expensive?

    You will be pleasantly surprised. For example, the cost to insure a ring valued at 5,000 francs is just 53 francs a year.

    What if I break something myself?

    Not a problem. All-risk coverage means that even damage you caused accidentally yourself is covered. We also pay if a perfume bottle spills in your designer purse, if your child rips your glasses off your face or if you knock over a sculpture from its pedestal while dusting.

    I already have household contents insurance. Why do I need valuables insurance in addition?

    It is particularly recommendable when you own valuable property items, because all-risk insurance coverage is much more comprehensive than household contents insurance. In fact, you can exclude the insured items from your household contents policy to reduce the policy premiums.

    dollars: That's the price tag of the world's most expensive handbag – a used Hermès Birkin bag.
    carats (1.2 kg) – the record weight of the Cullinan rough diamond found in South Africa in 1905.
    80 CHF
    is the annual premium payable for insurance of valuables for a watch valued at CHF 7,500.
    A joyful family.

    Play it safe with your property

    Contents insurance gives tenants and owners comprehensive coverage for their worldly possessions.

    A girl painting the window.

    Protection in the event of a claim

    A claim involving third parties or property can quickly become expensive. Private liability insurance gives you comprehensive, worldwide coverage.

    Buildings Insurance

    Protection for your home

    Water damage, burglary, fire – building insurance helps protect you against financial risks.


    Couple is making a selfie

    From the diary of a wedding ring

    All the things that can happen to valuables: a wedding ring talks about its exciting life.
    Ransacked drawer

    Break-ins: How to protect your home

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