Valuables Insurance

Benefits at a glance

  • Insurance for all kinds of privately owned valuables
  • Insurance also covers temporary stays and travel (up to one year)
  • Straightforward: one policy covers all of your valuables
  • Upon request, you can also insure your valuables without a deductible

Good to know

Separate insurance of valuables is worthwhile: if your house has been burglarized and your jewelry stolen, your Zurich Contents Insurance is then limited to 20% of the sum insured up to a maximum of CHF 30,000.

In detail

Zurich insures your valuables against theft, robbery, loss, accidental loss, damage or destruction.

Tailored to your needs

  • Insurance for jewelry, watches, furs, paintings, musical instruments, as well as sports and hunting weapons
  • The insurance for valuables can be taken out with or without a deductible
  • Do you take your valuables with you when you travel? No problem. With the exception of paintings, your valuables are also covered during temporary stays and while traveling anywhere in the world (up to maximum one year)
  • By taking out preemptive coverage (maximum additional 10% of the actual sum insured), your valuables are also correctly insured if their value increases

What your policy covers

  • The price of repurchasing your valuables at the time the damage occurred, at most for the agreed sum insured
  • If the total value of insured jewelry exceeds CHF 100,000 or the value of a single piece of jewelry exceeds CHF 50,000, Zurich is only liable for the excess amount if the jewelry was being worn, was under constant personal surveillance or was stolen from a locked safe
  • The maximum coverage for theft from locked motor vehicles, caravans, mobile homes, motor boats and sailboats as well as from tents is CHF 20,000

Our advisory service

Do you want for example to insure the financial value of jewelry or watches? We would be glad to advise you.

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