Insurance of valuables: for whom is it?

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Insurance of valuables: for whom is it?

Favorite items have high emotional value—and can also be quite expensive. Therefore, it is important to protect them. Check out the following questions and answers concerning the insurance of valuables.

Insurance of valuables: for millionaires only?

Not at all. Apart from luxury items, you can insure virtually anything that you are fond of – from your wedding band to your designer handbag to your snowboard or surfboard. Even medical aids, such as valuable glasses, a walker or a hearing aid can be insured. 

What types of damage are my valuables protected against?

You will benefit from comprehensive “All Risk” protection. This means that everything that is not explicitly excluded is insured. For example, this includes the theft of your wristwatch, a camera that falls down or an antique carpet that you spill a glass or red wine on. 

Isn’t comprehensive coverage far too expensive?

Actually, no! For example, the insurance for a ring worth CHF 5,000 is only CHF 53 a year. 

What if I break something?

No problem. “All Risk” coverage applies even to damage that you cause accidentally. So the insurance will pay even if your perfume leaks in your expensive suitcase, your kid breaks your glasses or you tip over your sculpture while dusting it.  

I’ve already taken out contents insurance. Why should I take out additional insurance of valuables?

This insurance is especially worthwhile for valuable items, as thanks to the “All Risk” coverage, the insurance coverage is much more comprehensive than with contents insurance. By the way: You can remove the insured items from the contents insurance and thus save premiums. 

Insurance of valuables: Overview

  1. Lost? Damaged? Broken?  
    Be on the safe side with comprehensive “All Risk” protection. 
  2. Flexible protection for your favorite items 
    Decide which items you would like to protect. 
  3. Wide range 
    Insure even musical instruments, weapons, fountain pens, handbags or hearing aids. 
  4. Stay safe around the globe 
    Your favorite possessions are insured even when you travel. 
  5. Butterfingers?  
    The insurance provides coverage even if you accidentally break something. 

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