Buildings Insurance

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Buildings insurance

Burst pipes, clogged sewers, damage to buildings due to rain water getting in – Zurich Buildings Insurance is there so you don't have to worry about the financial consequences.

Good reasons for the Buildings Insurance

Extensive cost recovery

Extensive costs (for example exposure costs for cables and pipes) are also covered in the basic insurance.

Protection against earth­quakes

You decide whether you would like to insure your building against earthquakes or not.

Remove graffiti – at no cost to you

Malicious damage to your building (for example graffiti) is also covered up to CHF 2,000.

Information and frequently asked questions about the Buildings Insurance

Zurich delivers the optimum choice of solutions for your individual building insurance.

Basic insurance

Zurich pays the costs relating to the following factors:

  • Fire and smoke damage as well as damage caused by natural hazards such as flooding, hail and storms
  • Water damage resulting from damaged pipes and systems as well as installations and equipment connected to said pipes and systems. Exposure costs up to CHF 20,000 are covered
  • Damage caused by rain, snow and melting water that penetrate the building from outside, as well as damage to the building interior caused by a sewage backlog
  • Loss of rent, cost of living, clearance and disposal up to 10% of the buildings insurance sum

Supple­mentary insurance

  • Glass breakage insurance for glass in furniture and buildings
  • Damage to the building caused by earthquakes or volcanic eruptions
  • Benefit increase in costs for detection, exposure and repairs following a burst pipe

Attractive terms

  • No reduction in benefits in case of underinsurance (up to a maximum 10% of the sum insured or CHF 30,000) with the exception of damage caused by natural hazards
  • Up to the age of 25, you benefit from a young person’s discount of up to 20% on your household policy
  • Up to the age of 30, you benefit from a maximum 10% premium discount on your household policy
  • You benefit from Zurich's partnership with Securitas Direct, provider of state-of-the-art alarm systems for your home
  • Waldis Safes: Zurich's partner for optimum security solutions for valuable items

Exclusive from your insurance advisor

  • Benefit increase in costs for the cost of living, clearance, disposal, loss of rent in the case of sub­letting, as well as the costs of changing locks following a break-in
  • Damage caused by wild rodents such as martens or rats (bites) – up to the agreed sum insured
  • Accidental damage to cultivated areas: damage to objects kept outdoors, such as plants, lawns, shrubs or trees, paved and gravel paths, as well as fountains and ponds
  • In the event of emergencies at home, getting fast help is important. Home Assistance insurance arranges an expert and pays for his service
  • Standard domestic installations: damage to all fixed domestic installations, such as heating, solar or photo­voltaic systems
  • Building liability for single- or mul­tiple-occu­pancy dwellings not occu­pied by the policyholder

More details

  • Combine modules to create your persona­lized insurance
  • Replacement of belongings at their new replace­ment value - after three claim-free years with no deduc­tible (except losses caused by natural hazards)
  • In the event of a loss Zurich will coordinate all crafts­people and other involved parties for you
  • You decide whether after three claim-free years you would like to benefit from 15% premium re­imburse­ment
  • Lump-sum insurance for glass breakage
  • Your free 24-hour service line in the event of a loss in Switzerland is 0800 80 80 80; dial +41 44 628 98 98 from anywhere else in the world

Further products and services

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Good advice on legal cases

Disputes can easily end up in court. Personal legal expenses insurance pays your costs and provides you with lawyers.

No short falls given loss of income

Maintain your standard of living even after an illness or accident. Protect your income in the event that you become disabled. Zurich EmploymentRisk is just the right solution for this. 


Protect your property aganist Natural Hazards

With the Zurich Radar for Natural Hazards, you can conduct a solid site and property analysis for your real estate.

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