Valuables Insurance

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Insurance of Valuables

Everyone has a favorite possession. If this item is damaged, stolen or even lost, it hurts you just as much as your wallet. Zurich Insurance of Valuables provides comprehensive protection.

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For millionaires only?

Not at all, because each and every one of us has a personal favorite. Be it a wedding ring, musical instrument or painting.

"The bracelet reminds me of my beloved grandma."


"My camera allows me to capture memories while traveling."

Hearing aid

"I don't want to risk being without my hearing aid for too long."

Comprehensive protection – much more affordable than you think

You will be pleasantly surprised by the premium for your insurance of valuables. It is dependent on the value and category of your favorite possession and is especially worthwhile for valuable items. Here are a few examples of premiums.
The prices are not binding. The federal stamp duty of 5% is already taken into account. The deductible is 10 percent, at least CHF 200.

CHF 142.80 / year

With a sum insured of CHF 8,000 – such as for a camera with interchangeable lenses.

CHF 165.40 / year

With a sum insured of CHF 15,000 – such as for a watch.

CHF 357.00 / year

With a sum insured of CHF 40,000 – such as for a concert piano.

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