Children's insurance

Fully protected in case of disability

In Switzerland, children only have minimal cover against the long-term financial consequences of sickness and accidents. Zurich Junior fills this gap with a comprehensive package of benefits.

An optimum start to adult life

A good education can cost a pretty penny. And even the dream of your own car or a trip around the world can bring a savings account to its limit. With Zurich Junior savings capital, you can make the best possible provisions.

Flexibly combinable

Protecting or saving – the choice is yours, with the option to combine both elements flexibly if you wish.

At a glance

  • Comprehensive disability protection in case of accident and illness
  • Greater self-realization thanks to financial independence
  • Guarantee of ongoing cover as an adult
  • Savings capital for an optimum start to adult life
  • If something should happen to you as the person paying premiums, Zurich will continue to pay the premiums for you 
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Risk coverage

  • In case of disability, your child will receive a one-off capital payment that can go towards important investments
  • If they develop a disability that prevents them from working, Zurich will pay your child a regular pension once the child is 16 or over, which increases every year until retirement
  • In case of such a disability, Zurich will also pay an amount into an investment plan once the child is 16 or over, and this will then be paid out as capital once they reach 65.
  • Once the insurance policy expires when your child reaches the age of 20, the child has the opportunity to take out a disability insurance policy with no requirement for a medical examination

More details

If you are a parent, grandparent or godparent, you can use Zurich Junior children’s insurance to protect your child from the long-term consequences of disability, including the inability to earn a living. You can also build up savings for your child so that they can make a big dream come true after turning 20.
You can combine the savings plan and disability insurance or pay into only one of these modules based on your needs.

At a glance

Risk protection with Zurich Junior
  • You can choose from three risk packages
  • If your child becomes disabled before turning 20, they will receive one lump sum payment
  • Zurich will also pay your child a regular pension that increases every year until retirement if they become disabled
  • In addition, Zurich will make annual payments into a retirement plan that will be paid out to your child at the age of 65
Saving with Zurich Junior

  • Security: Capital protection for at least 85% of the total investment
  • The accumulated savings are paid out when your child turns 20

Added insurance for an adult
  • Zurich covers the insurance premiums if something happens to the person paying the premium. The full insurance coverage remains in effect

Good to know

  • Starting at CHF 50 a month, you can build up savings for your child with Zurich Junior
  • Starting at CHF 50 per month, you can protect your child in case of disability
  • As the policyholder, you determine on the payout date whether the plan will pay out cash or fund units. You also decide who receives the cash or fund units
CHF, minimum monthly cost of Zurich Junior’s protection against the financial impact of disability.
1.9 m
CHF – the amount in benefits that a child can receive from Zurich Junior in case of disability.
people under the age of 20 received benefits from disability insurance in 2018.

Fewer details What other customers ask

My child is already insured through my health insurance – why do I need Zurich Junior?

As part of the basic insurance, health insurance companies take care of medical expenses following an illness or accident. They do not cover the financial impacts resulting from a loss of earnings from gainful employment. Alongside other benefits, Zurich Junior offers income replacement if a child is unable to seek gainful employment as an adult due to an illness or accident.

State disability insurance will pay in case of disability anyway. What is the added value of Zurich Junior?

Children have no occupational retirement provision aside from the state cover. The pension from the state disability insurance is not enough to live on for those who become disabled at an early age, however. For such cases, there is a legal claim to supplementary state benefits that bolster the disability insurance pension to a minimum livable amount. With Zurich Junior, you reduce your child’s dependence on state aid.

Who can take out a policy?

Anyone who wants to give their child a helping hand on their path through life: for example parents, grandparents, other relatives or godparents.

From what age can I take out a Zurich Junior policy for my child?

The policy can be set up as soon as the child is born. The maximum age at entry for a child’s disability protection is 15 years, while for the savings component it is ten years.

Why should I insure my child with Zurich?

Zurich Junior is a children’s insurance with comprehensive disability protection. In case of disability, your child will be financially supported in every phase of life. Savings and disability protection.

Our advisory service

Providing financial security for a child in case of disability is a matter of trust. We would be glad to advise you.

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