Children′s insurance

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Children's insurance

We can't protect our children from everything, but we can protect them from the financial consequences of an accident or serious illness. Zurich Junior: comprehensive protection and starting capital for the future.

One-time capital payment for necessities

The insurance coverage also includes a one-time capital payout in the event of disability. This can be used, for example, for necessary alterations to make the home more accessible. In addition, the child continues to benefit from disability insurance into adulthood without additional health examination, ensuring that the entirety of their professional life is covered.

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Financial security into old age

With Zurich Junior children's insurance, you can combine comprehensive disability protection with an optional savings component. This allows you to create financial security and ensure a great start to adult life. Another option is to take out savings insurance without disability protection.


Savings insurance for that extra something on their 20th birthday

You have the option of enhancing the insurance coverage from Zurich with a savings component. This way, the child will also benefit from a pleasing amount of money, for example, as a gift on their 20th birthday. It is also possible to take out savings insurance without disability protection.

Who needs Zurich Junior?

In Switzerland, children only have minimal state cover against the long-term financial consequences of sickness and accidents. Those who can't count on additional support may have to subsist on a minimal income for the rest of their lives. The chart illustrates the benefits of the Premium risk coverage package.

Why do you need Zurich Junior?

In Switzerland, children only have minimal cover against the long-term financial consequences of sickness and accidents. Zurich Junior fills this gap with a comprehensive package of benefits. In addition, it allows you to save a lump sum which the beneficiary child will receive on their 20th birthday – e.g. for travel or study.

Questions and answers about children's insurance

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