Cancellation Insurance

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    Benefits at a glance

    • If you become ill or have an accident before your trip, this insurance pays the cancellation costs
    • It covers vacation arrangements, language courses, vacation homes and vehicles that you have booked
    • The insurance coverage is valid worldwide
    • If illness, accident or death of someone close to you prevents you from traveling, then Cancellation Insurance covers the costs
    • It also covers your costs if you do not want to travel alone after your travel partner becomes ill or has an accident
    • Cancellation insurance pays benefits up to CHF 20,000 per person, up to a maximum CHF 80,000 for all persons
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    Good to know

    • Cancellation Insurance also covers ticket costs for concerts, theater tickets and other events where the ticket costs CHF 100 or more
    • If your dog or cat becomes ill or has an accident, Zurich pays the cancellation cost owed, including handling fees
    • If you are unable to travel because you have misplaced your personal travel documents, your cancellation costs are insured
    • If you or another person insured under this policy are unable to travel due to complications with pregnancy, Zurich Cancellation Insurance covers the cancellation costs

    In detail

    Illness, accidents and other unforeseen events can leave your vacation plans in chaos. Zurich Cancellation Insurance relieves you of the burden of any resulting costs.

    What Cancellation Insurance covers

    • Vacation arrangements; language and summer school courses that you have booked
    • Trips by air, rail and ship that you have booked
    • Rental costs of vacation homes, boats, passenger vehicles and mobile homes

    Cancellation Insurance goes into effect in the following situations

    • If you or someone close to you (such as a family member, close relative, fiancée, godparent) becomes seriously ill, has a serious accident or dies
    • If your deputy at work is unavailable for health reasons
    • If your property at home is severely damaged, for example, by fire or water
    • If public transportation and/or your taxi to the airport or railway station in Switzerland is unavailable
    • If strikes, riots, natural disasters or epidemics prevent you from traveling

    Your benefits

    • Reimbursement of cancellation costs due as per contracts, including handling fees
    • If you have to delay your travel plans, Zurich will reimburse the costs of your stay that you paid for but did not use, as well as the additional costs of your onward journey
    • The maximum reimbursement amount for Cancellation Insurance is CHF 20,000 per person; CHF 80,000 for all persons traveling together

    Our advisory service

    If your dreams of a beach vacation or city trip burst, Cancellation Insurance can save you the costs. We would be glad to advise you and provide further details.
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