A man fills out an e-bill on his laptop.


Quick and convenient – saves time and paper e-Bills are convenient. Now you no longer have to type in a long reference number in e-banking. Instead, you can review and pay your invoices with just a few mouse clicks. e-Bills save time, and you no longer receive paper invoices.

Your advantages when paying via e-Bill

  • Convenience
    No more tedious, error-prone typing in of reference numbers, invoice amounts and account data in e-banking
  • Quick
    Paying via e-Bill takes just a few mouse clicks
  • Paperless
    e-Bill payment data flows directly into your e-banking. You no longer receive paper invoices
  • Reviewable
    You check received e-Bills and reject any which are incorrect
  • Secure
    Bills are just as secure as e-banking

In detail

  • When you login to e-banking, you see an overview of the new e-Bills that have arrived.
    Tip: Many banks send e-mail notifications of newly incoming e-Bills.
  • The payment process is as follows: Click on the e-Bill you wish to pay. Your e-Bill already contains all relevant payment data, such as account number of the company, invoice amount and reference number. You do not have to type anything in anymore. Just select the desired account to be debited, and if necessary you can adjust the invoice payment amount and debiting date. Then release the e-Bill for payment with a single click. You can reject an e-Bill with a mouse click if anything is incorrect. The invoicing party will be informed of the rejection.
    Tip: Many banks provide a permanent release option for e-Bill payment to make paying e-Bills even easier.
  • You can download e-Bills as a PDF file via a secure link in e-banking to save them on your computer or print out
  • Many banks also offer e-banking apps for processing e-Bills.
  • The list of companies that offer e-Bills is constantly growing.
    Tip: Check this list periodically to see if any new e-billers of interest to you have been added. And pay attention to special notifications in e-banking when paying a paper invoice. You will be notified when the invoicer starts offering e-Bills.

How do you sign up for e-Bills?

Log in to e-banking

Log in to your e-banking account.

Register for e-Bills

Select the menu item "e-Bills" then go through the few steps required to receive electronic invoices in e-banking. (not applicable to PostFinance customers.)

Select the invoicers

Select the companies in the list of invoicers from which you wish to receive e-Bills going forward. You will then receive invoices from the selected companies exclusively in e-Bill form.