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Woman standing on mountain in snow

Winter blues: how to overcome them

When the sky turns gray and the days become shorter many people's moods are negatively affected. How do the winter blues come about – and what can I do to mitigate them?
Package outside the front door

Stolen package - this is how you are protected

The long-awaited package has not show up – it has obviously been stolen. Now what?
Woman packing suitcase on bed

Tips to beat the burglars

Learn about simple steps you can take to protect your home from burglary and theft.
Woman draws heart on car window

The winter check for car drivers

These tips will help you get through winter safely. Because good preparation is the best form of protection on the roads.
Z Volt charging app charging stations

Electric cars and charging costs: Everything you need to know!

Find out what charging costs you should expect for an electric or plug-in hybrid car and the opportunities you have to make savings on a daily basis.
 Woman and man are talking in a laboratory

Passionate about the laboratory

Founded as a start-up, LabPoint has established itself in the field of laboratory diagnostics. CEO Gianfranco Cosentino has relied on protection from Zurich from the very beginning.

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