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of those receiving disability allowance payments are unable to work due to illness, 9% due to an accident.
the likelihood of becoming a victim of burglary in December than in May.
of all young drivers wrote a text message the wheel last year; overall this number is 11%.


Everything you need to know about investing

If you want to invest your assets for the long term and profitably, there are a couple of fundamental investment issues you won’t be able to avoid. With our e-book, we want to explain everything that is important in a simple and comprehensive way.

40 min
of loud music with headphones at 105 decibels per week – and it can lead to hearing damage.
of all companies fear a hacker attack or have experienced one. 37% protect themselves.
13 years
was how long a person could enjoy retirement in 1960; today it is 20 years.

Natural hazards radar

With the Zurich Radar for Natural Hazards, you can conduct a solid site and property analysis for your real estate.

In addition we provide specific tips on how you can protect your real estate inexpensively and sustainably against natural hazards.