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of those receiving disability allowance payments are unable to work due to illness, 9% due to an accident.
the likelihood of becoming a victim of burglary in December than in May.
of all young drivers wrote a text message the wheel last year; overall this number is 11%.

Relaxed Christmas - 5 tips

It’s almost Christmas and we have a lot to do. Often too much. Find out here how to celebrate your Christmas in a relaxed way.

Sun in your heart instead of the winter blues

During the dark winter months, many people feel melancholy. Here are the causes – and solutions.

Thinking about tomorrow today

One of the biggest decisions we face is: "While enjoying my life today, how can I prepare financially for later on in life?"

The greatest threat lurks inside the earth

Earthquakes are the natural hazard with the greatest destructive potential. Yet many are insufficiently insured against them.

Protection against the flu

The annual flu epidemic belongs to winter like Christmas, shorter days and fog. How to protect yourself and those around you.

Cyber attacks on the car

What hardly anyone knows is that not only computers but also cars can become the target of hackers' attacks.

Good retirement provision for part-time employment too

Children or career? Today, both are possible – the world has become far more flexible and part-time employment far more widespread.

Going on a trip? Here are the best tips

A lot can happen when traveling. These tips will help you, should things not go as planned.

How to protect your child from accidents

If you have children, there's never a dull moment. Because they come up with the craziest ideas, and there are dangers lurking on literally every corner.

Making the celebration unforgettable

Zurich business customer Yvonne Ebneter has founded a startup: "Eyfach Catering" provides services for weddings, family celebrations and corporate events. What makes it special is the individual service with a particular love for detail.

Tonino’s dream: Greater safety for children

Tonino Di Antonio has a vision. For children to ride safe bicycles that their parents love. Why is his startup so successful?

So that everything goes well during the move

Five tips for stress and trouble-free moving.

A company in flames

A fire rages in a paint shop in Ticino. Thanks to Zurich, the company success­fully weathers the crisis.

An electric car: Is it worth it?

Electric engines are regarded as the propulsion system of the future – but is it worth switching over? The most important arguments.

Pets in the car

The most important tips and tricks to keep people and pets relaxed on the road.

Five tips for buying a second-hand vehicle

Here you’ll find some useful tips to help you get it right first time when you buy second-hand.

When it's raining ice

Hailstones can cause terrible damage in the space of just a few minutes. The victims? Fruit trees, windowpanes and, primarily, cars.

Taking your car on vacation

With the 5-finger rule you are sure to be OK – in fact anywhere in Europe.

Glamping or camping?

Sleeping by the water, in the forest or in the mountains is a dream come true for nature lovers and families. But wouldn't you like a few creature comforts, too? Read on to learn how to enjoy the best of both worlds.

The best provision for your health

The Zurich vitaparcours is as much a part of Switzerland as cheese: What initially began as something for real gymnasts has now become an enjoyment for everyone – including Roman and Timo.

The king and his biggest fight

King of Swiss wrestling Matthias Glarner has already won countless fights. This is now surely his toughest fight: after a serious accident, he is working his way back to the top. What motivates him to do this?

Riding a motorbike: How to ride in a relaxed manner.

Fancy riding a motorbike? Yes, but safely! Find out which insurance you really need here.

Household contents: the best protection online

These six tips will help you to take out the best contents insurance for your needs online.

Healthy company – successful company

The health of a company’s employees is a vital factor for success, especially for SMEs. It takes everyone to be efficient and pull together to manage the daily workload.

Even experts make mistakes

When an expert makes a mistake, things can quickly get expensive. Here are five real-life stories.

Mountain biking: play it safe!

Mountain biking makes you feel good! Yet this is a pastime that’s not entirely without risk. Daniel Schefer, founder of the Swiss Bike School, tells you how to play it safe.

Those who are clever in making their provisions get more out of life

Do you enjoy life and would like to continue doing so in the future? Here are some tips on how best to save a portion of your wages.

When the vase gets smashed

Minor misfortunes can have expensive consequences. The seven most important reasons why it pays to have personal liability insurance.

When the boss is absent

If the guiding hand of the managing director is missing, the company can quickly descend into chaos. Entrepreneur Insurance helps in these situations.

Income security more important than salary size

Employees are paying increasing attention to the social benefits offered by their employer. This is good because these can vary a lot, and in many cases they provide additional insurance.

Keep thieves at bay

Thieves are stealthy, quick and unpredictable. However, if you follow these seven tips, you can avoid making life too easy for the thieves.

Natural disasters – Do you know your risks?

The frequency and intensity of natural disasters and flooding or landslides is increasing as a result of climate change. How safe is your location?

Study: Cyber attacks are a real threat to Swiss SMEs

How great is the risk of cyber attacks in reality? And above all, what effects do they have? These were the topics covered by a representative study of SMEs that was commissioned by Zurich in 2017. More than 400 Swiss companies took part in the study.

Innovation: Exciting trends in car building

Very modern technology in cars makes driving more pleasant and ensures greater safety.

Your luggage: lost?!

Lost luggage is every traveler's nightmare: Here are a few tips for keeping yourself calm.

Disputes between neighbors

Neighbors are great: they water the flowers, feed the cat and take delivery of packages. But there is also the possibility that conflicts arise between neighbors. Typical areas of conflict are noise, plants or construction projects.

Electric bikes – the underestimated risk

Anyone, who owns an electric bike can count themselves lucky. But be careful: electric bikes are among the most dangerous means of transport.

Stay safe during thunderstorms

Lightning strikes around 150,000 times a year in Switzerland. You can protect yourself effectively by following a few simple rules.

Eight tips: Preventing cyber attacks – or reducing the consequences

While there is no complete protection, those who heed the following advice can reduce the likelihood of cyber attacks.

Summer, sun, water – danger

Fifty people drown in Switzerland every year, of whom three are children under nine years old. Why – and how can we prevent this?

Marriage or common-law partnerships: Who gets the best deal?

As soon as two people are co-habiting, they are living in a common-law partnership. A couple in a common-law partnership, however, does not enjoy the same protection as a married couple. We explain why.

Realize your dreams with the right pension when you retire

Leonardo has built up a successful business in “Gelateria Leonardo”. Now he is 56 – and is starting to think about what else he would like out of life.

Keep thieves at bay

Thieves are stealthy, quick and unpredictable. However, if you follow these seven tips, you can avoid making life too easy for the thieves.

What is my drone allowed to do?

Drones are a hit for both young and old. But watch out: They are not just fun; they can also cause a lot of trouble.

A warranty for your home

You need strong nerves to travel with children. The best tips for a stress-free journey, whatever means of transport you choose.

Cyber attacks: Nobody is immune

Bank robberies are a thing of yesterday. Nowadays, anyone who wants to make a lot of money quickly has no need of a crowbar, a gun or a getaway car; all that is required is a good Internet connection, a sharp mind and lots of criminal energy. Hackers are everywhere – and anyone can fall victim to them.

5 reasons for choosing term life insurance

Death changes everything in one stroke – suddenly a father, sister or husband is gone. The emotional pain is difficult enough. Why compound it with financial worries?

Prevent stress and burnout

Stress is a widespread phenomenon in today's working world. We have grown accustomed to it. But stress can make you ill.

With children, financial security is important. Without them too

Many people carry a lot of responsibility. For themselves and often for their nearest and dearest too. For that reason it is important to be well aware of your own financial situation at every stage in your life and to protect yourself in the right way.

Expert interview: “Safety when driving”

René Früh, Lead Vehicle Expert at Zurich, in interview. He reports on why driving cars has become much safer – and what risks remain.

Expert interview: How to relax and get married

Wedding planner Yvonne Hochheuser provides tips for the most wonderful day.

Traveling with children

You need strong nerves to travel with children. The best tips for a stress-free journey, whatever means of transport you choose.

What makes the Vita model so successful

More and more companies are turning to partially autonomous insurance solutions because they afford greater investment flexibility for higher interest earned, which means higher pensions.

Enterprises: minor mistakes – serious consequences

It can be really expensive when things go wrong in the world of business and commerce. The five most common causes of corporate liability cases

Obtaining justice as an SME

Five good reasons why legal expenses insurance is worthwhile for entrepreneurs, doctors, farmers and communities.

10 rules: how to drive safely

What does safe driving have to do with wild boars or glow-worms?

Ice hockey: be smart, play smart, protect smart

It's the talk of the town– ice hockey striker Nino Niederreiter is promoting Zurich with his blue smile. But there's more to his smile than just car insurance: A mouthguard can prove indispensable for ice hockey players.

Motorcycle season: the five best tips

These tips help you be prepared and effectively protect yourself against accidents.

Advent, Advent, a Christmas tree lights up

When it's cold and dark outside, the light cast by candles and the smell of cookies make it feel really cozy inside. By following these safety tips, you can enjoy an Advent free from danger.
40 min
of loud music with headphones at 105 decibels per week – and it can lead to hearing damage.
of all companies fear a hacker attack or have experienced one. 37% protect themselves.
13 years
was how long a person could enjoy retirement in 1960; today it is 20 years.


Everything you need to know about investing

Those who want to secure their income in the long term or who carry financial responsibility for their family cannot get away from a few important basic principles on the subject of retirement provision. Our e-book explains the most important points in brief.

Natural hazards radar

With the Zurich Radar for Natural Hazards, you can conduct a solid site and property analysis for your real estate.

In addition we provide specific tips on how you can protect your real estate inexpensively and sustainably against natural hazards.