Protect your bike: Tips against theft and the purpose of bicycle insurance

Bike stolen

Protect your bike: Tips against theft and the purpose of bicycle insurance

Your bike is important and valuable to you – be it a classic bicycle, e-bike, racing bike, mountain bike or touring bike. We give you simple tips on how to protect your bike from theft. If, despite all precautions, your bike gets stolen, we will show you how to proceed.

Protection against bike theft

To protect your bike or e-bike from theft, there are various measures you can take. Here are important tips to reduce the risk of bicycle theft: 

  1. Always secure your bike: Use high-quality locks and secure your bike to fixed objects such as bike stands, fences or posts.
  2. Choose robust locks: Opt for hardened steel U-locks that are difficult to cut.
  3. Use different types of locks: Combine U-locks with additional locks such as chain locks.
  4. Choose illuminated parking spaces: Park your bike in well-frequented, well-lit and supervised areas. At many train stations there are specially secured and video-monitored bicycle stations.
  5. Remove valuable items: Take valuable accessories such as bike computers or saddlebags off your bike to minimize theft.
  6. Register your bike: Enter your bike in a bike register to find it more quickly in the case of theft.
  7. Attach a GPS tracker: With a GPS tracker, you can track the location of your e-bike or bike via your smartphone. In the event of theft, you can forward location information to the police.

Find out about bicycle insurance

Bike stolen? How to proceed in case of bicycle theft

Despite all precautions, it may be that your bike gets stolen. Here are the steps you should take to increase your chances of recovering your bike. 

  1. Report the theft to the police immediately: Provide all relevant information such as make, model, color and special features. You should also provide any information about the theft and where the bike was stolen. If you have a GPS tracker attached to your bike, give the police all the information they need to locate the stolen bike. Keep a copy of the notice as it may be requested by the insurance company.
  2. Inform your insurance company: Contact your insurance company and report the theft. 
  3. Check online platforms: Search online ads for bikes that match the stolen bike.
  4. Share the theft with the community: Inform local bike stores, bike clubs and other cyclists.

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions to help you safeguard your bike or e-bike.

Isn't my bike or e-bike already insured under my household contents insurance?

Bicycles and e-bikes with pedal assistance up to 25 km/h are normally covered by household contents insurance. However, the amount of coverage and sums insured often do not provide sufficient protection. We therefore recommend taking out additional bicycle insurance, especially for more expensive bicycles and e-bikes with a value of CHF 2,000 or more.

In which cases is bicycle insurance worthwhile?

Special bicycle insurance is worthwhile in the following cases:

  • You own an expensive bike with a value over CHF 2,000. 
  • You own a fast e-bike with pedal assistance up to 45 km/h.
  • You are often on the road with your bike. 
  • You want additional protection for damage and destruction. 
  • You would like 24h roadside assistance (additional module "Provisional insurance and costs").

How much is the insurance premium?

The insurance premium depends on the value of the bike or e-bike, the amount of the deductible and additional insurances such as earthquake or roadside assistance. Calculate your individual premium in the premium calculator on our website.

What will I receive from Zurich Insurance if my bike is stolen?

With bicycle insurance from Zurich Insurance, you will be reimbursed for the replacement value of your bicycle or e-bike. For bicycles or e-bikes stolen within the first two years from new purchase, this is the amount you would pay today for the same model or a successor model. For older bicycles or e-bikes, compensation is graduated according to age.

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