Lost luggage: When your suitcase travels without you.

Lost luggage: When your suitcase travels without you.

It's a great start. You've been standing at the luggage carousel for 45 minutes. But your suitcase is nowhere to be seen. Finally it emerges that, while you flew to Palma de Mallorca, your suitcase is on its way to Dubai.

Lost luggage is every traveler's nightmare. After all, you don't want to turn up at the opera ball in shorts. Vacations by the sea are not much fun without a swimsuit either. Here are a few tips for keeping yourself calm:

Have the pros do some searching

Suitcases end up in the wrong airplane astonishingly often. It's always worth a trip to the lost and found counter. You can document the loss and will normally get some compensation from the transport company. If you have good insurance, you will be reimbursed the difference and in addition for any urgently needed replacement purchases in the event of delayed luggage.

Carry the most important things with you

Take everything that you cannot do without for the next 24 hours in your hand luggage: your cell phone, fresh underwear, a toothbrush or important medication. But take care that you don't contravene the security rules at your departure airport, for instance with respect to perfume, shower gel or creams.

Exercise caution at rest stops

Rest stops and parking lots are popular hunting grounds for car thieves. Never leave electronic devices such as laptops visible in cars, as they are magnets for thieves. Your possessions are safest in a locked truck. If your car is broken into nonetheless, the contents insurance of some providers will pay out. However, valuables like watches and jewelry should never be left in cars in any case.

Insure your luggage

Arrange coverage to make sure that lost or stolen luggage does not spoil your vacation. For instance, with "super theft" coverage in Zurich contents insurance, your sum insured for theft is doubled for trips. The loss of or damage to luggage is also covered. If your suitcase arrives late, Zurich will reimburse you for urgently needed replacement purchases – worth up to 30% of the sum insured.

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