Entry opportunities after high school graduation

Graduated from high school - and now what?

Are you now interested in discovering an exciting work environment? At Zurich, we offer you a career start in which your personal strengths and interests are specifically promoted and developed. What counts is you as a person!

What is special about Zurich as a training company?


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Hear first-hand from our young professionals about what they like about their training.

Insurance specialist or business training - ​ what suits you?

Never mind whether you have a high school leaving certificate, higher vocational school leaving certificate or a specialized vocational certificate, if you are interested in the fascinating insurance world, we are just right for you.

Post-high-school business training (PWA)

Who? For high school graduates who have decided on a broad business economics career entry at an insurance company. Those who have dropped out of university are also welcome.

What? Six-month full-time business economics training at the Kaderschule Zürich. You finish school with a certificate and then begin an 18-month internship at Zurich Switzerland with three assignments in support and strategic roles.

Where? School training at the Kaderschule Zürich at the Zurich or Winterthur location, internship at the headquarters in Zurich Oerlikon.

When? Your apprenticeship starts with the school semester in September and lasts 24 months.

Why? We turn you into a certified business economist. During your training, you can develop a network and thanks to the professional experience gained plan your next career steps.

Introduction to insurance with middle school certificate (VEM)

Who? For high school leavers who have decided to enter the exciting and innovative world of insurance and want to acquire greater insurance knowledge. Those who have dropped out of university are also welcome.

What? With our 18-month program at Zurich Switzerland , you can gain practical experience during three assignments. They are supplemented by a well-founded school training  (one to two days a month) at the Vocational Training Association of the Insurance Industry (VBV).

Where? Internship at the headquarters in Zurich Oerlikon or at the regional headquarters in Lausanne. Attend college in Basel, Zurich or Yverdon-les-Bains.

When? Your training starts in September and lasts 18 months.

Why? After passing the exam, you will be certified as a Young Insurance Professional VBV. The abbreviation VBV stands for a qualification certified and supported by the Vocational Training Association, which is recognized by the major insurance companies and allows you access without examination to further follow-up training courses in the insurance field.

Have we aroused your interest?

Young Professionals sit around the table and together work on innovative solution.

business training

Training to be a business economist
begins in September and is offered within German-speaking Switzerland.

Our internship vacancies are available from March every year.

Supervision of high school graduates

Introduction to insurance with middle school certificate

The training for Young Insurance Professional VBV begins in September and is offered in German and West Switzerland.

Our internship vacancies are available from March every year.

The benefits you can expect

  • We help with your mobility. If you are under 25, you even get the SBB season ticket from us for free.
  • We focus on your development. You choose your stage assignments and will be professionally accompanied.
  • You get a generous intern wage for your work - in the PWA program already during the school section. We pay your school fees.
  • Thanks to flextime, you can successfully reconcile your professional and personal requirements.

Arguments for Zurich

We are just as proud of our commitment to sport and culture. For example, we support the Swiss national soccer teams as insurance partner. Sustainability is also important to us and not just on paper.
Young Professional

Maxine Notter​

PWA intern and future business economist

"The time as PWA intern is fascinating, instructive and varied. It allows me to get greater insight into different areas."

Young Professional

Joseph Micello​

VEM intern and future Young Insurance Professional

"The great thing about the VEM internship at Zurich Switzerland is that I feel like an equal member of the team."

Young Professional

Simone Steiger​

Specialist Quality Management SOS and certified Young Insurance Professional

"I was able to choose my assignments in the VEM program based on my interests. In the course of the program, my future plans developed in another direction than what I'd previously intended."

Young Professional

Ketevan Bantsadze​

Assistant back office and certified business economist

"The PWA internship is the ideal mixture of school and internship. I appreciate the many options we have in choosing our three assignment locations. I would choose the apprenticeship again."

Young Professional

Maximilian Probst​

Social media work student and certified business economist

"The PWA internship gave me the opportunity to study while working and combine professional experience with theory. As a result, I was able to develop personally and professionally."

Young Professional

Svenja Dübendorfer​

Customer Service Advisor and certified ​ Young Insurance Professional

"In my VEM internship, tolerance, individuality and diversity were important values. This helped me to conclude my training as Young Insurance Professional and become a Customer Service Advisor."

Young Professional

Fatime Rasimoski​

Junior Underwriter and certified Young Insurance Professional

"The VEM internship was an enriching experience for me on the road to becoming a Young Insurance Professional. During my assignments, I was able to take on responsibility and felt well-prepared for my role as junior underwriter."

We're there for you - your contact

You have questions about the entry opportunities for school-leavers?​ Then feel free to send us an e-mail at "young.professionals@zurich.ch". Simone Solenthaler, Young Professionals Specialist, will be happy to advise you.
Young Professionals Specialist

Simone Solenthaler​

Young Professionals Specialist – High School Leaver Courses

"I give our young professionals the confidence to configure their own career."

Young Professionals Specialist

Verena Thum

Young Professionals Specialist - Zurich Trainee Program (ZTP)

"I encourage our Young Professionals to challenge the status quo and try out new things."

Young Professionals Specialist

Tamara Saladin

Program Lead Apprentices

"I not only permit the individuality of our Young Professionals but actually promote it."

Young Professionals Specialist

Claudia Bartholet

Young Professionals Specialist – Apprentices

"Our Young Professionals are unique. My focus is on this uniqueness and I encourage it in them."

Young Professionals Specialist

Meredona Ibrahimi

Young Professionals Specialist – Apprentices

"I accompany our Young Professionals in their individual development and give them the instruments they need."

Young Professionals Specialist

Franziska Pfyl

Young Professionals Specialist – Apprentices

"I'm passionate about supporting our Young Professionals on their development path."

Young Professionals Specialist

Annemarie Manzoni

Young Professionals Specialist – Apprentices

"Providing the Young Professionals with individual support in achieving their targets is my personal goal."

Young Professionals Specialist

Bryan Osorio

Young Professionals Administrator

 "I encourage our young Professionals to develop their skills and talents because they are our innovators and possibly leaders of tomorrow."