The Vita Joint Foundation achieved over 8% return in 2014

The Vita Joint Foundation achieved over 8% return in 2014

The Vita Joint Foundation achieved a return of 8.2% in 2014. As a result, it was clearly above the average of the pension funds for the third time in a row. About 19,000 companies have already entrusted their occupational retirement provision to the Vita Joint Foundation. Its pension assets have grown to over CHF 10.2 billion.
Last year the widely diversified investment strategy once again bore fruit. In 2014, the Vita Joint Foundation generated an annual return of 8.2% in a demanding investment environment. You can find details on this in the Investment report as of December 31, 2014. With this result, the Vita Joint Foundation was clearly above the Swiss average. For example, the Credit Suisse pension fund index for 2014 reported annual performance of 7.7% and the UBS pension fund barometer one of 7.4%.

The widely diversified investment strategy of the Vita Joint Foundation with the goal of sustainable interest earned on the pension assets for the insured was successful. This was also evident in the three- and five-year comparison: the average return of the Vita Joint Foundation was in each case about 1 percent higher than the comparative index at 7.8 % (three years) and 5.4% (five years).

The insured benefit from higher interest earned

The Vita Joint Foundation not only successfully invests the pension funds' assets of over 115,000 insured, but also deploys the investment income 100% to the benefit of the insured. This pays off for the insured. The gratifying year-end result makes it possible for the insured to be paid 2.65% for 2015 in the obligatory area of the occupational retirement provision and 3.4% in the non-obligatory area. The interest earned in this case was for the first time calculated according to the new pension planning model, which involves the insured even more in the investment performance.

Samuel Lisse, Chairman of the Vita Joint Foundation, said, “Our long-term widely diversified investment strategy contributes to the success of the partially autonomous model. We are pleased that we can offer our clients and employees attractive interest earned on their pension savings.”

The biggest partially autonomous joint foundation with about 19,000 companies

The Vita Joint Foundation is the biggest partially autonomous joint foundation in Switzerland with over 115,000 insured and about 19,000 companies. The pension funds' assets administered rose to CHF 10.2 billion. The current coverage ratio, calculated according to the new Vita pension planning model, was 107,4 % 1).

1) By comparison: this corresponds to a coverage ratio of 111,7 % according to the customary industry calculation method

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