Zurich launches innovative natural hazard radar

Zurich launches innovative natural hazard radar

Zurich is taking a new approach to the prevention of natural hazards. With its «Zurich Radar for Natural Hazards» the insurer has launched a user-friendly analysis instrument for the early detection of the risks arising from floods, land-slips or mudslides.
The increase in natural hazards in the context of climate change, the concentration of insured risks and population growth is posing new challenges for people in Switzerland. In the Alpine region, the rising permafrost line is leading to more landslips, mudslides and rockslides. Ex-perts are forecasting a marked increase in floods in the lowlands.

A great deal of specialized knowledge is required to assess the risks from natural hazards. This information is difficult for most of the resident population to access. Real estate owners and tenants want a quick way of finding out whether their properties are at risk and whether protective measures are necessary. This is why the company is launching the Zurich Radar for Natural Hazards. At zurich.ch/naturalhazards, laypeople and experts can determine the natural hazards for each property in Switzerland with just a few clicks of a mouse. For the first time, they can get specific information about measures they can take to reduce the risk.

The Zurich Radar for Natural Hazards is an indispensable tool for parties commissioning construction work, homeowners and companies, but also for all tenants who would like to find out about the natural hazards in the place where they live. Whether it’s a question of floods, landslides, falling stones or avalanches, the Radar enables a user-friendly and sound analysis of locations and properties. The web-based analysis tool has been developed in col-laboration with the engineers and geologists from GEOTEST AG and with the support of the Confederation and the cantons. The Radar is based on the cantonal hazard maps and hazard index maps and on the maps of the Federal Office for the Environment (BAFU).

Joachim Masur, CEO Zurich Switzerland, says: «Switzerland is our domestic market; we feel committed to the population. We give people the opportunity to introduce preventive measures, as the Radar helps them understand the potential risks both in their homes and at work.»

The analysis tool is part of the Zurich Prevention of Natural Hazards initiative: a compre-hensive program that has been set up in collaboration with the Zurich Group and various experts in this area in order to protect the population from natural hazards.

Zurich Radar for Natural Hazards:
Test your location now at: www.zurich.ch/naturalhazards

  • Enter your address and check the potential risks to your property.
  • Experts will give you tips on how to protect your property efficiently and at a reasonable cost.
  • You will learn what natural hazards occur in Switzerland.
  • The tool is available free of charge; however, commercial usage is prohibited.
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