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Frequent risks

Damage caused by employees

After a strenuous working day in the car garage, the master leans against a rack. But it falls over and crashes into the brand-new car lift. Its hydraulics are damaged. Zurich's property insurance pays for the damage as part of the All Risks cover.

Frequently asked questions

What are sub-sectors of the Automotive industry?
Is my company part of the Automotive industry?

  • Body work with motor vehicle repair
  • Car junk yard
  • Construction and agricultural machinery- repair/vehicle
  • Motor vehicle trade: Body repair shop; body work
  • Motor vehicle trade: car wash; automatic
  • Motor vehicle trade: fan-; oldtimer-; collector vehicles - with repair/service
  • Motor vehicle trade: fan-; oldtimer-; collector vehicles - without repair/service
  • Motor vehicle trade: Garage with repair workshop
  • Motor vehicle trade: Gas station
  • Motor vehicle trade: motorcycle repair workshop - trade
  • Motor vehicle trade: other businesses of the motor vehicle sector
  • Motor vehicles: Motorcycle trade Electric vehicles - with repairs/service
  • Motor vehicles: Motorcycle trade Electric vehicles - without repairs/service
  • Spraying - with work on motor vehicles

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