Automotive Business Insurance

Automotive Business Insurance

This industry includes companies that offer services related to trade, repair, operation, care, maintenance and disposal of vehicles. Get your Automotive Business Insurance directly online. Fill in the form and get a quote in a few minutes.

What insurance should you consider?

A fire, a flood or hail damage can have fatal consequences for garages, perhaps even threaten their existence. For the one who has protected himself against any damage and destruction. It is even wiser to include protection against business interruption and thus also protect yourself against the consequences of environmental incidents and incidents.

Frequent risks

Damage caused by employees

After a strenuous working day in the car garage, the master leans against a rack. But it falls over and crashes into the brand-new car lift. Its hydraulics are damaged. Zurich's property insurance pays for the damage as part of the All Risks cover.


Because of severe depression, a mechanic is 100% on sick leave for one year. The continued payment of wages is covered by the daily sickness benefit insurance. During this time, the affected person and his school are accompanied by a specialized case manager.

Damage to a vehicle

No luck for the car body shop: an accident occurs during the transport to the customer. The customer's freshly painted vehicle is severely damaged. Zurich's commercial liability insurance covers the damage with the additional cover "damage to acquired / processed.

Frequently asked questions

What are sub-sectors of the Automotive industry?
Is my company part of the Automotive industry?

  • Body work with motor vehicle repair
  • Car junk yard
  • Construction and agricultural machinery- repair/vehicle
  • Motor vehicle trade: Body repair shop; body work
  • Motor vehicle trade: car wash; automatic
  • Motor vehicle trade: fan-; oldtimer-; collector vehicles - with repair/service
  • Motor vehicle trade: fan-; oldtimer-; collector vehicles - without repair/service
  • Motor vehicle trade: Garage with repair workshop
  • Motor vehicle trade: Gas station
  • Motor vehicle trade: motorcycle repair workshop - trade
  • Motor vehicle trade: other businesses of the motor vehicle sector
  • Motor vehicles: Motorcycle trade Electric vehicles - with repairs/service
  • Motor vehicles: Motorcycle trade Electric vehicles - without repairs/service
  • Spraying - with work on motor vehicles

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