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What insurance should you consider?

The financial and insurance industries provide valuable services to millions of people. But those who work in this industry also know the risks of the financial world and know that they must take out appropriate insurance: After all, a small mistake can have major consequences, especially in the financial sector.

Frequent risks

work error

A financial adviser makes a mistake during a consultation session. This causes his client a loss in high altitude. The customer sues for damages. Zurich Insurance Solution for Asset Managers protects the financial advisor and covers the costs of the claim for damages.

broken laptop

It can happen fast: a cup of coffee sitting on the desk tips over and damages the accountants laptop. Zurich property insurance covers the costs for the new laptop.


Because of severe depression, a mechanic is 100% on sick leave for one year. The continued payment of wages is covered by the daily sickness benefit insurance. During this time, the affected person and his school are accompanied by a specialized case manager.

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