Versicherung für Finanzdienstleister

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Professional Indemnity Insurance for Asset Managers

Effective protection in the event of claims for damages: Asset & Investment Management Insurance (AIMI) protects asset managers, financial consultants and financial service providers against claims for loss or damage. The Zurich AIMI insurance solution fulfills the quality standards developed by the Swiss Association of Asset Managers (SAAM).

Benefits at a glance

  • Protection in the event of claims for damages that can arise as a result of professional activities
  • Security in cases of embezzlement perpetrated by employees or third parties
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage comprising four modules: professional indemnity, directors’ & officers’ liability, breach of fidelity and office liability
  • You benefit from Zurich’s many years of experience and competency in insurance solutions for financial service providers

More details

Asset managers can face far-reaching liabilities in the event of a claim. AIMI is Zurich’s comprehensive insurance solution consisting of professional indemnity, directors’ & officers’ liability, breach of fidelity and office liability.

Good to know

For asset managers, effective protection against the following is recommended:

  • Inadequate or incorrect financial advice
  • Insufficient due diligence for assets
  • Errors in processes, execution and decisions in the entity as a whole
  • Protection against unjustified claims
  • Embezzlement by employees
  • Criminal acts by third parties
  • Bodily injury or property damage

Professional indemnity module (selection)

  • Legal protection in proceedings due to errors in advisory services and asset management
  • Pays the cost of investigations
  • Pays loss prevention costs (mitigation cost)
  • Covers violations of the individual's rights to privacy and defamation of third parties
  • Financial security if documents are lost

Directors’ & officers’ liability module (selection)

  • Protects private assets belonging to management and members of the board of directors in the event of loss
  • Insurance coverage for board of directors positions held at outside entities
  • Insurance coverage against reputation injury
  • Insurance coverage for preliminary investigations, extradition proceedings and payment of the cost of obtaining bail
  • Extended reporting period for losses incurred after termination of the contract, in the event of bankruptcy, or by subsidiaries that were previously covered
  • Coverage for departed directors and officers
  • Pays legal defense costs

Breach of fidelity module (selection)

  • Covers pecuniary losses resulting from criminal acts by employees
  • Pays loss prevention costs (mitigation cost)
  • Compensation of pecuniary losses due to computer crimes
  • Pays the cost of criminal prosecution of perpetrators

Office liability module (selection)

  • Statutory liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage
  • Extension for business trips and for damage in buildings or on land where financial services are rendered
  • Extension for damage to leased telecommunications equipment
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