Zurich Cyber Insurance

Zurich Cyber Insurance for SME's

Zurich Cyber Insurance

We protect you from cyber attacks

2 out of 5 Swiss companies have already experienced a cyber attack. If one of them attacks you, Zurich's crisis management will help you around the clock to make sure the hacker's attack does not turn into a catastrophe for you.

When everything else fails

Zurich looks after the financial consequences of hacker attacks, such as for the restoration of data. You can also insure business interruption.

Help after data theft

Customer data gone astray? We will give you advice and support to make sure you do the right thing and are ready in case the parties concerned hold you accountable.

We are there for you 24/7

Time is money if you want to stop an attack. Call us around the clock – and commission your IT service supplier or use our specialist network.

Benefits at a glance

  • Available 24/7: Our crisis management will provide you with assistance around the clock.
  • You can choose between your IT partner or an expert from our network.
  • We pay for the recovery of your systems and data.
  • We assist you if customers or partners file claims for damages.
  • We safeguard you against business interruption and additional costs.
  • We will compensate you if you fall victim to fraud or theft.
  • Prevention: We help you detect and redress vulnerabilities.

Fewer details
More details

In detail

Zurich Cyber Insurance is the tailored solution for Swiss companies.

Crisis management and prevention

We are there for you 24/7

You can reach us 24/7 if you fall victim to a cyber attack.

We help you prevent attacks

We help you detect vulnerabilities in your systems and reduce risks.

Damage in your company

Recover your systems and data

We cover the costs of eliminating malware, recovering damaged or destroyed data, and making your systems functional again.

We help with cyber-blackmail

We also provide you with assistance and support in the event of blackmail.

Select your IT service supplier

It's your choice: Commission your tried-and-tested IT service supplier or use our network of experts.
We protect you if your business is interrupted

If your company stands still after a cyber incident, we will pay for the loss of earnings and additional costs.

We reimburse in the event of cyber theft and social engineering

We reimburse you if your company falls victim to cyber theft or if you experience losses as a result of social engineering.

Your partners and customers suffer damage

We help when affected parties file claims

Was there a data protection violation? Did you involuntarily forward malware? If third parties hold you accountable, we are there for you.

We advise comprehensively in liability cases

We advise you concerning immediate measures and cover damage experienced by partners and customers. Our experienced lawyers also defend you against unjustified claims.

93 %
of data breaches are caused by human error or erroneous processes
39 %
of all affected companies suffered a business interruption after the cyber attack
2,5 %
Swiss SMEs have sufficient protection against cyber risks
A yellow warning sign on the floor.

Business risk under control

Products manufactured incorrectly, incorrect machine operation – liability insurance helps you calculate risk.

Two men with helmets talking at a construction site.

Comprehensive protection for IT, machinery and installations

Damage to IT, machinery or installations can have a massive impact on your business. You need effective protection.

Our advisory services

Protect yourself - we will be happy to advise you.