Event Insurance

Care-free partying with the right insurance for your event Zurich Event Insurance offers companies, clubs and public institutions comprehensive insurance coverage for events. And it makes sense: standard liability insurance does not offer adequate protection against the risks of a public event.

Benefits at a glance

  • Comprehensive, flexible insurance coverage for major events, corporate events, public occasions and large-scale private activities
  • Protection against claims involving bodily injury and property damage
  • Zurich Event Insurance can also cover recurring events such as roadshows or mobile exhibitions 
  • Insure preparatory and clean-up work at no extra cost

More details

Events should be celebrated just as you desire. Responsible organizers keep an eye on the inevitable risks and take out event insurance to protect themselves and their events against risk.

Good to know

  • Regular commercial liability insurance covers you against risks at in-house events: for example, office parties. You don’t need event insurance for this
  • But as soon as third parties, such as relatives of employees or other guests take part, the whole event takes on a more public atmosphere, and it is advisable to take out supplementary insurance coverage with Zurich Event Insurance

Event insurance is advisable for the following types of events

  • Major events, sports events, concerts, open air events
  • Public event in cities and towns, village fairs, neighborhood celebrations
  • Corporate events, open house, office parties where relatives are invited
  • Recurring events such as roadshows, tours and mobile exhibitions
  • Larger-scale private events

Zurich Event Insurance protects you against bodily injury

  • Accidents due to inadequate safety precautions such as slippery floors, missing handrails or incorrectly installed safety fences
  • Accidents due to improper operation of equipment
  • Injuries involving electrical systems or other equipment
  • Health issues and illnesses involving catering and hygiene

Flexible insurance coverage for event organizers

  • Zurich Event Insurance is easy and convenient
  • You get a flexible solution covering a variety of risks
  • Not insured: costs resulting from the event being canceled or postponed, e.g. due to bad weather or illness
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A guar­an­tor for your business

Whether contractor’s liability or suretyship: insurance from Zurich offers security and trust in business agreements.

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Protection against payment defaults

Your customer cannot pay you. Credit insurance protects you against customer defaults.

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