Berufshaftpflichtversicherung für Ärzte & Therapeuten

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Professional Indemnity Insurance for medical and healthcare professions

As a doctor, therapist or other specialist in the healthcare sector, you can count on Zurich's professional liability insurance protection: We handle any claims reliably and defend you against unjustified claims.

Advantages of professional liability insurance for medical and healthcare professions

As a doctor, therapist or other specialist in the healthcare sector – you are exposed. The positive outcome of the treatment is simply expected today. Patients are better informed than ever and are increasingly defending themselves against unsatisfactory treatment results.

  • Professional liability insurance for medical and healthcare professions handles any claims reliably and protects you from the financial consequences of justified claims.
  • Where claims are not justified, the benefits provide for defense against these claims.
  • With the professional liability insurance for medical and healthcare professions, the insured risks are calculable for you.
  • Zurich handles claims even within the deductible without any threshold.

Benefits for Zurich customers

  • Your practice, regardless of whether it is an individual or group practice, receives comprehensive insurance protection for the insured activities.
  • The territorial scope applies to losses that occur worldwide. This excludes claims that are assessed according to US or Canadian law or that are asserted before courts in these countries. Claims arising out of emergency private medical assistance are however insured worldwide.
  • Thanks to the comprehensive contingency coverage, you are protected even if your activity or the number of employees changes.
  • If the sum insured has been exhausted, you benefit from another full sum insured in case of another loss within the same year.
  • You benefit from an extensive supplementary coverage for all insured persons who have left the practice, in case of closure of the practice or in the event of death. This protection is without time-limit.
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Scope of coverage

Scope of coverage of the basic insurance

Business premises risk: Risks relating to buildings, premises, installations or land.
Example: Part of the ceiling comes loose at your practice and injures a patient.

Operational risk: Risks arising from medical or therapeutic activities.
Example: After a patient falls, the doctor does not perform an X-ray examination. As a result, a fracture is recognized too late and triggers complications.

Product risk: Risks arising from manufactured, processed or sold products.
Example: After a tooth correction, two dental implants break off after a short time. The material was defective.

Environmental risk: Risks to which the business is exposed as a result of an unexpected environmental incident.
Example: A neighboring plot of land is contaminated by leaking liquid.

The insurance coverage includes the following benefits and cover elements:

  • Legal protection in disciplinary, criminal or administrative proceedings, for example as a result of an unexpected death of a patient.
  • Claims arising from breaches of data protection regulations. Example: The doctor's assistant sends a medical certificate to the employer without the patient's consent.
  • Damage to rented premises or telecommunications installations.
  • Insurance coverage for medical activities in hospitals or clinics.
  • Medical activities abroad (provided it does not exceed 20% of the workload).
  • Working as an investigator in clinical trials or research projects.
  • Principal's liability for buildings with a construction cost of max. CHF 2 million.
  • Any claim due to the destruction, damage, loss or theft of patient effects.

Our services in case of a claim

Our Medical Claims Team is a specialized team of insurance specialists and lawyers with many years of experience in hospital and doctor’s liability. These specialists provide the following services:

  • They handle claims from the first franc.
  • They investigate and assess medical facts and circumstances giving rise to liability. They are supported by a network of medical experts and appraisers.
  • They represent the insureds against a patient or lawyer in the difficult situation of a claim.
  • They compensate for justified claims and defend against unjustified claims.
  • They provide legal support in disciplinary, administrative or criminal proceedings.
  • They ensure legal representation in any criminal, administrative and civil proceedings.

Frequently asked questions

Is a professional liability insurance mandatory?

For most medical and healthcare professions, professional liability insurance is required by law.

Will I also get insurance coverage in the event of a loss for which I am not liable?

Yes, as part of the insurance coverage, Zurich will also provide defense against unjustified claims.

The benefits of the basic insurance also include legal protection in criminal proceedings. Do I still need a separate legal protection insurance?

Yes, legal protection provided in the context of professional liability insurance is limited to liability law in connection with an insured claim. Our subsidiary Orion offers a product specially developed for doctors and qualified medical professionals which supports you e.g. in disputes with health insurance carriers regarding TARMED.

Is the increased statutory limitation period for bodily injury of 20 years also insured?

Yes, since the insurance covers legal liability, claims based on the adjusted statutory limitation are generally insured.

Is insurance coverage still provided, if the policy is canceled as a result of closure of the practice or death?

Yes. Within the scope of the insurance coverage, there is also coverage provided for claims made against you or in the event of death your surviving dependents after the termination of the contract.

Am I also insured for medical activities in a hospital?

Yes, you are insured for your work in a hospital or clinic as part of the insured activity. If you are already insured by the hospital, there is subsidiary coverage through your professional liability insurance.

What is the recommended sum insured is?

Zurich recommends a sum insured of CHF 5-10 million for medical and healthcare professions, depending on the type of activity.

Can the start date of a policy be in the past?

No, this is not allowed.

What if I can't find the insurance coverage I want online?

Simply contact your nearest Zurich agency or call us toll-free at 0800 80 80 80.

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