Education Institutions Business Insurance

Education Institutions Business Insurance

This sector comprises companies, institutions and bodies providing services related to education and training. Get your Education Institutions Business Insurance directly online. Fill in the form and get a quote in a few minutes.

What insurance should you consider?

Teachers shape people for life and impart knowledge. This is an important and fulfilling task, but often also very strenuous. Those who know that they are comprehensively secured have more strength for the challenges of everyday school life.

Frequent risks

A lawsuit from a client

A child falls down a slope during a school trip and suffers a complex broken leg. Zurich's commercial liability insurance pays in case of corresponding liability for medical expenses and provides satisfaction.

Sick employee

Because of severe depression, a teacher is 100% on sick leave for one year. The continued payment of wages is covered by the compensation insurance. During this time, the affected person and his school are accompanied by a specialized case manager.

fire in an open-plan office

A fire breaks out in a school due to a cable fire and makes a classroom unusable for weeks. Zurich property insurance not only pays for the destroyed inventory, but also for the clean-up costs and the replacement rooms.

Frequently asked questions

What are sub-sectors of the Education industry?
Is my company part of the Education industry?

  • Boarding school
  • Business school
  • Driving school
  • Language school
  • Music school
  • Nursery/- crèche; nursery school - without PH
  • Private school; correspondence courses
  • Reform school - pupils
  • Research institute; experimental institute
  • School - public
  • Seminary; teachers' college
  • University; technical university; technical institute
  • Vocational and technical school; adult education
  • Vocational training centers of associations; institute for adult education

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