First home

Hooray, your first home!

In your own four walls for the first time - what a milestone! But this newly won freedom also comes with a lot of responsibility. Protect yourself wisely so that you can master your new everyday life in a relaxed way. We’ll help you with this!

What protection do I need?

It doesn't matter whether you live alone, as a couple or in shared accommodation: Check your insurance situation. Because mishaps are also possible in your new everyday life, as the following examples show:

What does Zurich offer?

It's not always easy to maintain an overview in the insurance jungle. We can help you find the right insurance for your new phase of life.

And what will it all cost?

At Zurich you get comprehensive protection at a fair price. Our calculation examples based on our insurance services give you an idea.

Contents insurance

From CHF 122 a year

For a 3-person shared apartment in Zurich with a sum insured of CHF 65,000.

Security deposit insurance

From CHF 135 a year

Instead of paying a security deposit, you pay CHF 135 per year. This way you don't block your money in an account, but instead use it for what you really need - for example, new furnishings.

Pillar 3a or 3b

From CHF 50 per month

For your savings goal of CHF 50,000 in ten years. If you save CHF 5,000 every year, you can save around CHF 51,500 in 10 years with an annual return of 3%.

First apartment and lots of questions?

We have the answers. In our FAQs you will find practical tips, advice and a checklist for a successful move.
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Young couple moving

Contents Insurance

Contents insurance gives tenants and owners comprehensive coverage for their worldly possessions.

Personal Liability Insurance

Private liability insurance

A mishap can happen quickly - and can cost money. With personal liability insurance, you are protected worldwide.

Retirement savings account 3a

Save for your big dreams - and tax every year as well, with a 3a retirement savings account.