First home

  • Hooray, your first home!
  • In your own four walls for the first time - what a milestone! But this newly won freedom also comes with a lot of responsibility. Protect yourself wisely so that you can master your new everyday life in a relaxed way. We’ll help you with this!

What protection do I need?

It doesn't matter whether you live alone, as a couple or in shared accommodation: Check your insurance situation. Because mishaps are also possible in your new everyday life, as the following examples show:

And what will it all cost?

At Zurich you get comprehensive protection at a fair price. Our calculation examples based on our insurance services give you an idea.
Young group

Discounts for young people

You benefit up to 30% on your private liability and household insurance (excluding natural hazards) if you are under 25 years old and up to 20% if you are between 26 and 30 years old.

Young couple on scooter

Combination discount

You get an additional 10% discount if you have other insurance policies with Zurich.

First apartment and lots of questions?

We have the answers. In our FAQs you will find practical tips, advice and a checklist for a successful move.
Insurance Know-How Plan move Downloads

Bye bye parental home

Moving out of your parents' house is a big moment. In our guide articles you will find helpful tips so that you can start your new chapter with a good feeling.
Family with moving boxes

So that everything goes well during the move

Moving home is exciting, but it's hard work too. Here you will find five tips and a practical checklist to download so that nothing's forgotten in all the stress.
child in moving box

Change address: This checklist ensures no one is forgotten

Inform public authorities, insurers, energy suppliers and other companies about your change of address. Our checklist ensures no one is forgotten
Contents Insurance

When the vase gets smashed

Minor misfortunes can have expensive consequences. The seven most important reasons why it pays to have personal liability insurance.
Laughing woman

As a result, you enjoy all-round protection at home.

Household insurance covers household contents insurance and personal liability insurance and is the basic insurance for your home.
Young woman playing with a Border Collie dog in the park

Invest for your future – including in pillar 3a

Good reasons to invest your pillar 3a restricted pension plan in securities.
 Woman stands in front of her car at the electric charging station and drinks coffee

Car financing: Leasing or loan?

Do you want to buy or lease a car, but are you unsure what makes more sense? Peter was faced with the same question and grappled intensively with the issue of "loan financing or leasing." Read what he found out during his research.
Young woman sitting at the wheel of a car

Well protected as a young driver

Licensed to drive at last! Here you can find all the important information about the topic of "Safety for young drivers" – so that you are covered should you encounter any problems.
Young woman attaches surfboard to the roof of the car

Damaged a borrowed car – what now?

Damaging a borrowed car can be expensive. You can get insurance for it: with additional private liability insurance coverage for "Driving third-party motor vehicles."