House Contents All Risk Insurance

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House Contents All Risk Insurance

The premium solution with comprehensive insurance cover for customers with upmarket household contents. 

Benefits at a glance

Do not leave anything to chance. With Household Contents All Risk insurance, you can enjoy comprehensive coverage for your worldly possessions. There's no better way to insure your property.

Your fault or not

Water or coffee poured over the new laptop? Even if you cause the mishaps yourself, you are fully covered.

Lost, stolen or damaged

If a pickpocket runs off with your designer handbag, it's definitely annoying. But no matter whether it's stolen or lost, we will replace your bag and its contents.

More protection for your pets

If your dog's hind leg gets caught between the fence and the garden gate during a walk, it hurts a lot. But don't worry, we'll pay for the medical costs. Pets are included in every Household Contents insurance policy, but All Risk insurance goes even further and makes pet accident insurance superfluous.

More details

Here you can find more information and answers about our Household Contents All Risk insurance.
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Exclusive All Risk: Customized protection for wealthy customers

With Exclusive All Risk, discerning customers with extensive assets benefit from customized insurance cover and individual advice from our experts. For sums insured of CHF 500,000 or more for household contents and CHF 250,000 or more for valuables, you can ask our experts to assist you, who will find an appropriate solution for you.

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As a result, you enjoy all-round protection at home.

Household insurance covers household contents insurance and personal liability insurance and is the basic insurance for your home.
Contents Insurance

When the vase gets smashed

Minor misfortunes can have expensive consequences. The seven most important reasons why it pays to have personal liability insurance.
bathtub leaks

Water damage – what you need to know

Whether it's a burst pipe or a wet basement: Water damage can have many causes. However, the consequences are usually the same – moisture in the building fabric, ruined furniture, floor coverings and valuables. Find out everything you need to know about "water damage" – who pays, how do I protect myself, and what do I do if it happens anyway?

Suitable products for optimal insurance protection

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Contents Insurance

Contents insurance gives tenants and owners comprehensive coverage for their worldly possessions.

Immediate help with repairs

Home Assistance

There are situations in which quick action is simply required: if you lock yourself out by mistake, if the toilet overflows or a colony of wasps sets up headquarters on the terrace. With Home Assistance Service, help is just a phone call away.

Personal Liability Insurance

Private liability insurance

A claim involving third parties or property can quickly become expensive. Private liability insurance gives you comprehensive, worldwide coverage.