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Electric car insurance

The insurance for your electric car or plug-in hybrid car: With eco-bonus, all-round protection and many other services. With our electric car insurance, environmentally conscious driving pays off.

E-Mobility Protect – the plus in safety

With the new E-Mobility Protect additional coverage in car insurance, you and your electric or plug-in vehicle are well protected.

Select the complete package or individual coverage options

The insurance covers damage to the high-voltage battery, theft of and damage to the charging infrastructure at home or in your holiday apartment, as well as the loss of charging cards and the unauthorized use of charging cards and charging apps.

Optional: Battery PLUS

The insurance covers damage to the high-voltage battery (HV battery) caused by operating errors, overvoltage, overcurrent, deep discharge or charger malfunction. Insurance coverage applies if the HV battery suffers an exceptional capacity loss of more than 50% in the first three years of operation. Zurich covers the costs for repairing or replacing a HV battery. The maximum compensation is limited to the vehicle's replacement value. In addition, disposal costs which occur in connection with a damage are also covered up to CHF 2,000.

Optional: Charging station and accessories protection

The insurance covers theft of and damage to charging stations (e.g. wallbox) and charging accessories (e.g. mobile charging stations and devices, charging cables as well as bags and adapters). The insurance covers damages caused by overvoltage, short circuit, operating errors and malfunctions, impact, overturning, vandalism, fire, lightning, flood, etc. Zurich pays the costs of repair or replacement for an equivalent item up to the agreed sum insured. For charging stations from the fifth year of operation, the compensation is reduced according to the operating duration.

Optional: Charging card and app protection

In the event of loss of the charging card or damage caused by the unauthorized use of the charging card or recharge app by third parties, Zurich covers the costs up to the sum insured specified in the policy. Blocking and replacement fees are also insured. Your family members' charging cards and charging apps are also insured.

What other customers ask

Battery Plus

Isn't the battery already covered by the manufacturer?
While many claims are indeed covered by the manufacturer's warranty, not all are. For example, usage errors are explicitly excluded from the warranty. Zurich offers protection that is actually all-encompassing for this reason, covering deep discharging, overvoltage and even usage errors.

How might usage errors occur?
Usage errors can occur through irregular strain on the battery. Discharging in full or the incorrect programming of a smart wallbox may also lead to battery damage in certain circumstances.

What is deep discharging?
When a battery's voltage drops below a certain critical value, it is called deep discharging. It can cause various types of damage to the battery. Deep discharging can occur, for example, if the charging device is faulty.

What is overvoltage and overcurrent?
Overvoltage refers to a state when a battery's voltage exceeds the tolerance range. Possible causes of overvoltage include power outages, short-circuits, thermal overload and lightening strikes.

Charging station and accessories protection

Isn't the charging station already covered by home or buildings insurance?
It is possible that the charging station may be covered by cantonal or private buildings insurance, but the question is to what extent. Through our supplementary cover in the context of our motor vehicle insurance, we offer attractive all-round protection for charging stations.

Is a charging station insured even if it was not installed by a specialist?
No. It is very important for charging stations to be installed correctly by professionals. It is particularly crucial to take into account the building's individual power distribution.

From an insurance perspective, does it make a difference whether my charging station is connected in an underground car park or in an individual garage?
No, it is much more important that the charging station was correctly installed and that it is certified.

What is the distinction between a warranty and insurance benefit?
Charging stations normally have a two-year warranty and receive similar protection to mobile phones. This means that operating damage is covered. However, if the charging station is stolen or damaged suddenly by an unforeseeable event, the warranty no longer provides cover, but Zurich's insurance does.

Charging card and app protection

Isn't this cover already included with normal credit card insurance?
Depending on the provider, the loss of the charging card may be insured. The hacking of or misuse of the charging app is not, however, covered. With Zurich's "Charging Card and App Protection" cover, everything is included.

Why is app protection needed? What risks are insured?
App protection takes over if the app is hacked or the smartphone is stolen, creating a risk of information being misused. If the app is misused, we will cover the costs arising up to the agreed sum insured. Blocking and replacement costs for the charging card are also covered.

Does this protection apply exclusively to the policyholder?
Family members in the same household can also benefit from this protection.

Green bonus

What is the green bonus and who benefits from it?
We reward environmentally friendly vehicles and grant a discount on the premium of up to 20 percent for electric, plug-in and full-hybrid vehicles.


For which drive systems can I take out the supplementary cover of E-Mobility Protect?
The cover can be included for electric, plug-in and full-hybrid vehicles.

Can I take out the E-Mobility Protect cover online?
Yes, you can simply select the "Insurance package" option in the premium calculator and choose E-Mobility Protect in the detailed view. If you are already a Zurich customer, please use the contact form or call our Service Center or your customer advisor and we will be happy to create a no-obligations offer for you.

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