Everything you need to know about electromobility

Electric car charging station

Everything you need to know about electromobility

Electric or hybrid instead of a conventional combustion engine? Anyone faced with this decision usually has a lot of questions. Our tips and tricks show where electric cars score points and what you need to pay attention to when buying and using them.

Electromobility in everyday life

Stay safe on the road with our services that are specially tailored to your everyday life with an electric or plug-in hybrid car.

Well insured

With the new E-Mobility Protect supplementary coverage options, you can get on the road worry-free and are also protected against the consequences of a hacker attack with the "Cyberattack" module.

Benefit from the eco-bonus

Sustainable mobility is important to us. Thanks to our eco-bonus, you can insure environmentally friendly electric and hybrid cars for up to 20% less than vehicles with conventional drive systems. 

Carefree charging thanks to a standard price

Thanks to Z Volt, you can charge your vehicle without a subscription or basic fee. You also benefit from an attractive standard price at over 3,700 charging stations operated by our Z Volt partners.

Frequently asked questions about electromobility

Are you thinking of buying an electric car or a plug-in hybrid? Our answers to frequently asked questions will help you make the right decision.
General questions Costs Range and charging

Electromobility guide

In our guide articles, you’ll find useful information on the subject of electromobility.
Switch to electric car

An electric car: Is it worth it?

Electric engines are regarded as the propulsion system of the future – but is it worth switching over? The most important arguments.
Z Volt charging app charging stations

Electric cars and charging costs: Everything you need to know!

Find out what charging costs you should expect for an electric or plug-in hybrid car and the opportunities you have to make savings on a daily basis.

Cyber attacks on the car

What hardly anyone knows is that not only computers but also cars can become the target of hackers' attacks.
 Man examines damage to the vehicle

Comparing car insurance

How online platforms can help you find a great deal on your car insurance.
Fire brigade in action

"Electric cars do not burn more often"

The fire risk of electric vehicles is often overestimated, according to the expert in the interview. What you nevertheless have to take into consideration.
 Woman stands in front of her car at the electric charging station and drinks coffee

Car financing: Leasing or loan?

Do you want to buy or lease a car, but are you unsure what makes more sense? Peter was faced with the same question and grappled intensively with the issue of "loan financing or leasing." Read what he found out during his research.
Child with cell phone in the car

Comprehensive cover or partial casco – which one do I need?

Repairing a damaged car can be really expensive: will partial casco suffice – or do I need comprehensive cover? And what exactly does that mean?
A car is parked in front of a Zurich Help Point

Relax thanks to the Zurich Help Point

Many customers are glad to have car repairs organized for them in the event of damage – via the Zurich Help Point.
Interchangeable license plate

Interchangeable license plates: Rules and advantages

Interchangeable license plates save you money on insurance and taxes for two vehicles. Find out whether you could benefit from an interchangeable license plate with the help of an example calculation.
Woman standing in front of her car and spreading her arms out

Vehicle registration: the easy way

Before you drive off in your new car, you must register it with the Road Traffic Office. Our guide tells you how to do so without any problems.

On the road with you

These services give you carefree mobility.
 Electric car battery charging Zurich E-Mobility Protect

All-round protection for your electric car

The insurance for your electric car or plug-in hybrid car: With eco-bonus, all-round protection and many other services.

Drive a car

Car Insurance

Third party liability, collision or partial casco: Zurich delivers the optimum choice in coverage for your individual car insurance.

ZVolt Card

Z Volt - charging at a standard price

With the Z Volt app, it's especially easy to find the nearest charging station and charge throughout Switzerland at a standard price.

Man with a new car

Mobile on the road

Whether you are buying your first car or want to change an existing vehicle insurance policy, Zurich will keep you mobile. Even when on the road using car sharing or an e-bike.