Travel insurance

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Travel Insurance

With Relax Assistance you enjoy comprehensive protection on trips in Switzerland and abroad: For a sense of security on your travels.

Our protection for your trip

Relax Assistance travel insurance includes the following modules as standard: Cancellation costs, travel protection and alternative travel. If required, you can extend the insurance and add travel legal protection abroad, roadside assistance or protection for luggage and luggage late delivery. "Roadside assistance" and "Cancellation costs" are also available as individual modules instead of as a package.

International travel insurance

Whether as a single module or as a package - with us you are always suitably insured when traveling. Put together your insurance cover according to your needs. So you only insure what you really need.
Cancellation Insurance
  • Assumption of cancellation costs if the trip cannot be started 
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Basic package
Relax Assistance Travel Insurance

Cancellation costs 

  • Assumption of cancellation costs if the trip cannot be started  

Travel insurance 

  • Assumption of return travel and additional costs if the trip has to be interrupted 

Alternative travel

  • Assumption of travel costs following medically necessary repatriation during the trip 

Travel legal protection abroad 

  • Assistance with travel-related legal cases abroad
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Roadside assistance
  • Assumption of costs for roadside assistance on site, with your own or someone else's motor vehicle and ensuring mobility 
  • Assumption of additional costs up to CHF 5,000 (incl. replacement vehicle) if the motor vehicle is no longer usable 
  • Roadside assistance for bicycles and motorised bicycles also insured
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Do you have any questions about Travel Insurance?

With Zurich Relax Assistance in your suitcase, you are well prepared for any unforeseen incidents and emergencies. You can buy travel insurance online for yourself or every person in your household.

Who is covered by travel insurance?

Depending on the agreement, the insurance covers the individual or all persons living in the same household.

  • Individual: The policyholder is insured
  • All persons living in the same household: The insurance covers the policyholder and all persons who live with the policyholder in the same household or who regularly return to the policyholder's household as weekly or weekend residents. Further information on insurance cover can be found in the GCI in our downloads.

Should I need to cancel a trip for business reasons, will the insurance cover the costs?

No, unless

- an insured person's contract of employment is terminated unexpectedly by the employer (culpable termination is not insured);
- an insured person, who is registered with the regional employment office (RAV) as unemployed after booking a travel arrangements becomes unable to commence travel due to new unforeseen needs to comply with commitments and obligations set forth by the RAV office, or in cases where the insured person accepts a new contract of employment and as direct consequence is unable to commence the previously booked travel;

What does the luggage insurance cover?

The insurance covers luggage which the insured person has with them for personal and private use on a journey or which has been handed over to a transportation company for transport to the travel destination, up to the sum insured listed in the policy.

Damage to luggage

The insurance covers damage to luggage as a result of theft or sudden, unforeseeable damage, destruction or loss. Parachutes, paragliders, hang gliders and kitesurfing equipment are only insured against theft or loss.

Delayed luggage

The insurance covers the costs for absolutely essential acquisitions of replacement items up to 30% of the sum insured, if the luggage handed over to a carrier for transportation is delayed.

Does travel insurance include the costs of repatriation in the event of illness or death?

Yes, repatriation in the event of serious illness or accident on the part of the insured person to their fixed residence in Switzerland or the Principality of Liechtenstein and/or the respective local hospital is covered.

Furthermore, the costs for the burial and transportation of the body of the insured to their residence in Switzerland or the Principality of Liechtenstein are likewise covered.

Can the insurance also be purchased for a single trip?

No, this is an annual policy, which as a rule is priced more favorably than if you were to take out insurance for each trip individually. Plus: the insurance coverage of our annual insurance policy naturally applies to weekend excursions too.

Is my breakdown assistance cover also valid while traveling abroad?

The insurance applies to occurrences of loss within Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein, European countries as well as countries bordering the Mediterranean and the island states of the Mediterranean. For transport across the sea the insurance coverage will continue uninterrupted, providing the point of departure and destination are within the region of validity.

However, the insurance does not apply in the following countries: Belarus, Moldavia, the Ukraine, the Russian Federation, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan Kazakhstan, Egypt, Algeria, Lebanon, Libya and Syria.

Occurrences of loss or damage pertaining to rental vehicles are not covered.

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Great protection when traveling with our insurance solutions


Cancellation Insurance

If you have to cancel your trip: Cancellation Insurance ensures that you are refunded the costs of your trip if you are unable to travel.

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Insurance for rental cars and carsharing

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