Individual Asset Management

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Individual Asset manage­ment

Wealth management is only for millionaires. Wrong: With our fund-based wealth management, you can start investing with 100,000 francs and have your money professionally managed by the best investment experts.

Invest your money like the pros

Asset management is a matter of trust. Because it's about your money and your future. With Zurich you can rely on a successful and trustworthy partner with many years of experience in the management of small and large assets.

Invest neutrally and independently

We look for the most successful fund managers for your portfolio in all asset classes, and invest your money in the most promising investment products. In this way, we avoid potential conflicts of interest, replace the fund manager if necessary and invest independently and neutrally. 

Invest cost-effectively and professionally

We manage more than 40 billion francs for institutional clients, such as pension funds, and private customers like you. That is why we benefit from outstanding cost advantages that we pass on to our customers. 

Invest sustainably and return-oriented

We are convinced that sustainability pays off for investors. That is why we take ESG criteria (environment, society and corporate governance) into account in the investment process for all actively managed investment solutions. What's more, our customers' equity, bond and real estate portfolios should be emission-free by 2050.

Five basic strategies, many variants

With an asset management mandate, you invest in liquid investment products with broad diversification. You can choose between five basic strategies and customize your portfolio with up to 13 individual strategies. For example, you can exclude, include or replace asset classes and choose active or passive equity investments.

Everything you need to know about our asset management services

Asset management is a matter of trust. That is why we lay our cards on the table and inform you transparently about fund-based asset management for private investors.
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Dear Money, we need to talk

Do you want to know and understand how you can increase your assets profitably in the long term? We have compiled the key principles behind monetary investments and explained them in an easy-to-understand way. Download our e-book "Dear Money, we need to talk" for free now.


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Clever retirement provision with green investments

Sustainable retirement provision made easy. With the two new investment vehicles, the "ZIF Green Bond Global" and "Zurich Carbon Neutral World Equity Fund", you not only provide for the future cleverly, but also with a clear conscience.
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Certificates: A low risk investment

Debentures, such as Zurich's certificate solutions, are a good alternative to investments in shares and traditional funds: They combine security and a return on investment in an optimal way.
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Invest for your future – including in pillar 3a

Good reasons to invest your pillar 3a restricted pension plan in securities.

Other products


Zurich Investment Advisory

Money isn’t everything in life, but it does enable us to make many of our dreams come true. We show you how to invest your money to reach your desired goal.

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Wealth accumulation with investment funds

Accumulate wealth in a structured way by investing in a variety of individual equities through a single fund.

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Invest Certificate: A low risk investment

The certificate solutions from Zurich increase the chances of return and minimize the risk of loss at the same time.