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Personal investment advice

Money alone cannot make you happy. But with money, you can realize dreams like a round-the-world trip, ensure your financial independence and provide for old age. By investing your assets and letting them work for you, you can achieve your goals more quickly. We know how to make this work and offer comprehensive advice.

Everything you need

Everything revolves around you and your goals

We offer you personal advice and put together individual investment solutions for you. For this purpose, before we recommend an investment to you, we first need to know who you are, your current position and what you wish to achieve.

A balance between opportunities and risks

Through our investment solutions, we take advantage of investment opportunities and balance opportunities and risks. If you want to ensure all-round protection for you and your family, you can meaningfully supplement your investment solution with insurance.

Customer focus

Transparency generates trust

You know at all times how much your investments are worth and how your assets have developed. We offer you personal advice and invest your money in such a way that you can access it at any time.

Everything you should know about our investment solutions

Our investment solutions focus consistently on proven investments. Increasing assets in the long term is more important to us than a short-term gain. That's why we invest your assets according to our proven four-stage model.

Stage 1: Securing your livelihood

Ensuring survival

Your income is the foundation for your financial security. At present, this consists of your salary; later, it is composed of your state (first pillar), occupational (second pillar) and private (third pillar) pension benefits.

Stage 2: Accumulating wealth

Pyramid Accumulating wealth

Before we start on systematic wealth accumulation, we analyze assets and take account of your liquidity requirements up to retirement. This includes the financing of your home, if you own residential property or want to buy some.

Stage 3: Optimizing capital

Pyramid Optimizing Capital

Based on your personal situation and financial goals, we define your investor profile and determine your personal investment strategy with you. In this way, you can be certain that the investment solution fits you and your needs.

Stage 4: Identifying additional scope

Pyramid identifying room for maneuver

With the money that you don't need for achieving your long-term financial goals you can take advantage of attractive investment opportunities or invest in coveted collector's items like classic cars or art.

Dear Money, we need to talk

Do you want to know and understand how you can increase your assets profitably in the long term? We have compiled the key principles behind monetary investments and explained them in an easy-to-understand way. Download our e-book "Dear Money, we need to talk" for free now.

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Other products

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Invest Certificate: A low risk investment

The certificate solutions from Zurich increase the chances of return and minimize the risk of loss at the same time.

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Retirement Plan

Do you want to have an additional regular source of income after retirement and to profit from your assets for as long as possible? You can do both with the Zurich Invest Payment Plan.

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Wealth accumulation with investment funds

Accumulate wealth in a structured way by investing in a variety of individual equities through a single fund.


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Certificates: A low risk investment

Debentures, such as Zurich's certificate solutions, are a good alternative to investments in shares and traditional funds: They combine security and a return on investment in an optimal way.
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Clever retirement provision with green investments

Sustainable retirement provision made easy. With the two new investment vehicles, the "ZIF Green Bond Global" and "Zurich Carbon Neutral World Equity Fund", you not only provide for the future cleverly, but also with a clear conscience.
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Invest for your future – including in pillar 3a

Good reasons to invest your pillar 3a restricted pension plan in securities.