Investment with certificates


Security and profits from financial investments? Yes, it is possible.

Investing can be fun: With Zurich Invest Certificate you benefit from the price gains of fifteen successful and sustainable Swiss companies. A clever protection mechanism also provides security.


Invest with strong returns

You benefit from the price gains of the «Swiss Top Fifteen Select Index», composed of the stocks of fifteen leading Swiss firms. On top of that, you’ll get a Return Boost of 10%.

If the performance of the index reaches the profit protection threshold of 20 percent in the last two contract years, you benefit from a guaranteed minimum payout of 120 percent of your premium at maturity.


Invest your capital securely

You make an intelligent investment that deftly bounces back from possible losses. Your capital is fully protected at contract expiration if the «Swiss Top Fifteen Select Index» has negative performance down to minus 30%.


Take advantage of the strong Swiss economy

Your invested capital participates in price gains of the «Swiss Top Fifteen Select Index», comprised of stocks of fifteen leading Swiss firms.

Your advantages

  • Attractive return opportunities through participation in the «Swiss Top Fifteen Select Index»
  • Return boost of 10% on the performance of the index
  • Full capital protection in the event of performance of up to minus 30%

  • No foreign currency risk and no custody account fees
  • Term of five years and right of sale at any time at market price

What other customers ask

Which companies comprise the «Swiss Top Fifteen Select Index»?

Zurich Invest Certificate allows you to invest in a well-diversified index of socially responsible Swiss equities. The «Swiss Top Fifteen Select Index» is composed of fifteen leading Swiss companies, each weighted at 10%. This factsheet provides an overview. 

The companies occupy different economic sectors, ensuring a well-diversified investment. All ten are furthermore selected according to social and environmental responsibility criteria, having a strong ESG rating. This rating is an indicator of the company’s commitment to responsible corporate governance with regard to environmental and social issues.

How come there is a limited downside risk with Zurich Invest Certificate?

Zurich Invest Certificate features a clever protection mechanism. Your capital is fully protected in case of negative performance of the «Swiss TOP Ten Index 3» down to minus 30% (buffer zone). Even if this scenario occurs, you still get your full invested sum back upon expiration of the contract. You only suffer a loss on your investment in case of an index decline exceeding 30%. In such case, the payout value is calculated as triple the negative performance figure minus the buffer.

Our consultants will be happy to provide you with detailed information about the opportunities and risks of this financial investment.

How will I be informed of the price development of the «Swiss Top Fifteen Select Index»?

The performance of the certificate can be tracked at any time via e-banking.

What are the advantages of a structured product like the Zurich Invest Certificate compared to an account solution with a bank?

  • You don’t have to forgo potential returns and instead benefit from the Swiss investment market thanks to the «Swiss Top Fifteen Select Index».
  • Your money is not sitting in an account without gaining interest, nor is it burdened by negative interest rates.
  • You don’t pay any custody fees.

Who issues the certificat?

The issuer of the certificate is Goldman Sachs. If the issuer is insolvent, the value of the certificate is not protected.

Goldman Sachs is one of the 30 major banks that the Financial Stability Board (FSB) has classified as systemically important financial institutions. That is why it is subject to particular monitoring and must comply with stricter capital adequacy requirements.

You advisory service

Invest safely and still make a profit: We would be glad to advise you.

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