Bike Insurance

Perfect all-in-one protection for your bicycle, e-bike or racing bike

Regular home contents insurance often doesn’t cover expensive bicycles. It certainly doesn’t if you have more than one valuable bike in the house. With Zurich Bike Insurance, your prized racing bike, mountain bike or e-bike has the best protection.

At a glance

  • Comprehensive coverage against theft, damage and breakdowns
  • Lost & Found service with unique identification thanks to an individual ID for your bike
  • Maximum compensation up to CHF 16,000; maximum CHF 8,000 per bike
  • Additional transportation costs up to CHF 500 covered in case of breakdown
  • Insure your bike for as little as CHF 99/year
  • Insure up to six bikes on one policy
  • Simply conclude online and enjoy cover for a whole year

Premium table

 Number of bikes
 Annual premium (in CHF)
 1    99
 2  198
 3  288
 4  338
 5  378
 6  418
incl. 5% stamp tax

In detail

For whom is it intended?

Private individuals and companies domiciled in Switzerland or the Principality of Liechtenstein can fully insure their valuable bicycles, e-bikes or racing bikes.

What are the benefits and what does it cover?

Zurich covers the following in the event of theft or robbery:
  • Necessary repair costs paid if the bike is found again within 30 days
  • Compensation in accordance with the general conditions of insurance (GCI) for an equivalent bike, if the original is not found, up to a maximum of CHF 16,000 respectively CHF 8,000 per bike
In the event of destruction or damage due to an accident or fall, Zurich covers:
  • The required repair costs for partial damage (if possible carbon frames will be repaired)
  • In the event of a total loss, 100% of the replacement value, if no more than 2 years have passed since the original purchase – otherwise compensation in accordance with GCI for a comparable bike, up to a maximum of CHF 16,000 respectively CHF 8,000 per bike

In the event of a breakdown, Zurich covers:
  • The additional costs for transporting the insured bike and the rider to the place of residence or company headquarters, or the place where the bike ride was started
  • Additional transportation costs incurred by fellow riders due to the accident
  • The maximum compensation per event for all parties is CHF 500

What does Zurich’s Lost & Found service include?

After concluding Zurich Bike Insurance, you will receive a sticker with an individual bike ID number for each bicycle within 14 days. This sticker should be attached to the bike in a clearly visible area. If your bike is found after theft, the finder of the bike can enter the ID number at As the owner, you will receive an immediate notification by e-mail with details of the location where the bicycle was found and also the finder.

Good to know

What cases are not covered?

  • Breakdowns due to empty batteries
  • Wanton and malicious damage by third parties
  • Races of any kind
  • Sport types such as track cycling, cycle ball, bicycle stunts, BMX, Slopestyle, Dirtjump or similar
  • Professional athlete trainings 
  • Damage to e-bikes with maximum speeds of over 45km/h (category small motorbikes)

Where does it apply?

Whether you’re on a bike tour round Lake Constance or mountain biking through the hills: Zurich - to go! Bike Insurance protects – all over Europe.

When does it start?

Conclude your bike insurance online and you can enjoy full cover for one year from the very next day. Four weeks before the insurance is due to expire, you will receive a reminder e-mail to renew your bike insurance online. There is no automatic extension.

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