Should you rent or buy an e-bike or take out a subscription?


Should you rent or buy an e-bike or take out a subscription?

The desire to protect the environment is growing steadily. With this in mind, many people are switching to sustainable transport alternatives such as e-bikes. Yet you don't necessarily have to have one of your own, as motorized bikes can now also be rented or used through a subscription.
Buy or rent? This has long been a question for more than just cars. People are choosing the rental option a lot more for e-bikes too. E-bike rental means you always have a bike available on demand to transport you to your destination in a quick and practical manner, despite rush hour traffic. Yet the subscription option is also a possibility now.

What is a bike subscription?

If you rent a bike, you use it for a few hours or days and then return it. Unlike a bike rental, with a subscription you hire a bike for several months at a time – in other words, for a longer period. You pay per month or year, instead of per day or hour as you do when renting. The envisaged timescale is longer with a subscription.

So who might benefit from a bike subscription?

Particularly for commuters who travel regularly, a subscription may be advantageous. The e-bike will be available all year long, and doesn't have to be rented out again each day during this time. By contrast, anyone planning a short trip out every so often and traveling only rarely, will find the rental option pays off more. 

In both cases, the e-bike does not belong to you. This means that several models can be tried out, and there are no maintenance or repair costs. Unlike when you have an e-bike of your own, you only pay for actual use when renting or hiring. Ultimately, the type and frequency of use is crucial when deciding whether you should rent a bike, take out a subscription or buy an e-bike.

E-bike subscription from Veloplus

Zurich supports the desire for sustainable mobility and innovative solutions. For this reason, we have teamed up with strong partners such as Veloplus, who offer a 12-month bicycle subscription incl. Zurich insurance coverage. Important: Veloplus branches are only available in certain locations.

It's very simple:

  • Choose a bike online and take out a subscription.
  • Pick up the e-bike from the store.
  • Get riding.

The e-bike will be inspected at regular intervals at no cost. The costs for repairs, service and parts subject to wear and tear are included in the subscription price.

Prefer to buy?

When buying a bike via Veloplus, Zurich customers who would prefer this option can take advantage of one year of free Zurich Bike Insurance

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