Augenärzte Zug – AOZ AG: At eye level with patients

Eye models

Augenärzte Zug – AOZ AG: At eye level with patients

It is said that eyes are the window to the soul. And sight is our most important sense. That is why our quality of life suffers when our vision is impaired. To prevent this from happening, Augenärzte Zug does everything it can to help its patients.
"Now please look straight ahead."  Sebastian Jäger, a specialist in eye diseases and eye surgery, sits opposite his patient. Between them is a medical device that the ophthalmologist uses to examine the retina. The patient rests her chin in front of it, gazing straight ahead. Sebastian Jäger explains what he sees. No cause for concern. In the end, only the glasses prescription needs to be adjusted.

A fascination for eyes

On the table in the consulting room is an enlarged model of an eye that allows a view of the complex interior: iris, pupil, lens, vitreous body, etc. The eye receives light stimuli from the surroundings and converts them into nerve impulses. The retina has over 130 million photoreceptor cells. The information reaches the brain via the optic nerve pathways, where it is processed into an image. When our vision is impaired, our quality of life suffers too.

A complete range of services for the eye

Augenärzte Zug – AOZ AG is completely dedicated to eye health. AOZ is a company with thirty employees and practices in Zug, Baar and Rotkreuz. The team covers the entire range of medical services, from eye tests and the fitting of optical aids to the treatment of diseases with medication or surgery. The service portfolio also includes aesthetic corrections to the eyelid.

Detecting diseases early

For ophthalmologist Sebastian Jäger, however, the focus is not only on the eye, but on the whole person. "What I love about my job is the personal contact," he says. For example, during a basic examination, in which an ophthalmologist – unlike an optician – assesses eye health as a whole. "The earlier we identify potential diseases, the greater our treatment options," he says. "That's why I recommend that even people without eye problems or a family history of eye disease get their first checkup at the age of 40."

A matter of trust

Trust develops in long-term relationships between doctors and patients. Trust is also important between a company and its insurer. Stefan Brügger, Managing Director of AOZ, has relied on Zurich since the company was founded more than 20 years ago. "For us, good professional indemnity insurance, one that covers all cases, is essential," he says. "Since we also perform surgical procedures, we have an elevated level of risk." For example, if an operation doesn't bring the hoped-for results, a patient may make an unjustified claim for damages. That's when Zurich is at AOZ's side. The two companies know one another. "That gives us a sense of security and peace of mind," says Stefan Brügger. 

No license to practice without professional indemnity insurance

Professional indemnity insurance is usually mandatory for physicians and certain other medical professionals. It indemnifies justified legal liability claims and defends against unfounded ones. "The central aim of our professional indemnity insurance for medical and healthcare professionals is to protect our insured if patients assert claims against them for damage or injury," explains Christian Straube, Head of Liability Insurance Zurich Switzerland. "We have our own dedicated 15-strong team of insurance specialists and lawyers with many years of experience in handling hospital and medical liability claims." They are also supported by a large network of consulting medical specialists and experts. In this way, they ensure optimal case management. "Our customers should feel as comfortable with us as their patients do with them," emphasizes Christian Straube.

For the benefit of patients

Medical specialist Sebastian Jäger doesn't want to worry about insurance, but about his patients. He has to bear a great deal of responsibility, but he is happy to do so. "In most cases, I can make a positive difference for people," he says – and warmly welcomes the next patient.

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