Car subscription: Is monthly car rental something for you?

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Car subscription: Is monthly car rental something for you?

Winding through Swiss roads in a convertible BMW in summer and driving safely in the mountains in an Audi SUV in winter: A car subscription allows you to switch vehicles according to your needs. A subscription promises flexible mobility and a huge amount of driving pleasure. But is monthly car rental really something for you? Find out!

How a car subscription works

With a car subscription, you rent a vehicle for a certain period of time. With our partner and car subscription provider Carify for example, you can take out a vehicle subscription with a minimum term of one month. During the subscription period, you pay a monthly fee as a customer of Carify. This fee includes the following costs:

  • Insurance
  • Service and maintenance
  • Tires
  • Taxes
  • Swiss freeway vignette 

All-inclusive: No additional costs except for refueling

Along with the vehicle, you get an all-inclusive package: Except for fuel, possible fines or parking costs, all essential costs relating to the vehicle are included in the rental price. You are entered as the holder in the vehicle registration document. If the agreed minimum term has expired, you can cancel your car subscription on a monthly basis.

Car subscription: Advantages and disadvantages

Using a vehicle instead of owning a car: This is the principle behind a car subscription. Customers of car subscriptions benefit from many advantages. With the car subscription provider Carify, you benefit from the following features:

Advantages of car subscriptions

  • Full cost control: You pay a fixed monthly price. The subscription price includes all essential services relating to the car. This means you always have your expenses under control.
  • Individual: You decide whether you want to rent a car for 1, 3, 6, 12, 24 or 36 months or longer.
  • Easy: You can conveniently cancel your car subscription online. The car will be delivered to your home upon request.
  • Fast: You usually only wait a few days for your new vehicle.
  • Large selection: You can choose from a wide range of models and brands.
  • Flexible: You can switch vehicles according to your needs and life situation.

Disadvantages of car subscriptions

Taking out a car subscription does also have certain disadvantages: 

  • Limited: The rented car does not belong to you. At the end of the subscription period, the vehicle is returned to the garage.
  • Configuration: You cannot choose what extras the car has.
  • Costs: Car subscriptions can be more expensive than buying or leasing. Especially if you rent the car for years. 
  • Additional miles: You pay a surcharge if you drive more miles than contractually agreed.

For whom is a car subscription worthwhile?

Car subscriptions are particularly worthwhile for people who want to remain flexible and mobile. Does this sound like you? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is your life situation set to change in the foreseeable future? For example, because your family is growing or you will be absent for a long period of time?
  • Would you like to test drive a particular car for a long time before you buy it? For example, an e-car to find out if the technology suits you?
  • Do you need a car just temporarily? For example, because you are waiting for your new car to be delivered? Or do you need to get mobile quickly for a short while?
  • Do you prefer an all-round carefree package and would rather not worry about service, taxes, insurance or changing tires?
  • Do you like to drive different models? Would you like to drive a new vehicle from time to time?
  • If you answered "yes" to some of the questions, then a subscription model might be for you.

Tip: Keep an eye on our partner's website Carify for various offers and a suitable car for you.

Or is leasing or loan financing for you?

If you do prefer leasing or loan financing: You will find more tips and a practical comparison in our article on car financing.

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