Comparing car insurance

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Comparing car insurance

"Are you already on the road or are you still comparing?" Anyone who wants to save money on car insurance will find numerous offers and insurers – and almost as many comparison platforms. We show you what you should look for when searching for the right car insurance.

Finding the right car insurance can rapidly become time-consuming given the many offers and options. With the aid of online platforms such as Comparis, you can compare the premiums of different Swiss car insurances at a glance. This makes it easier to look for the right insurance coverage at the lowest price.

To get a premium calculation, driver and vehicle details need to be provided. So it helps if you have the vehicle registration certificate and driving license on hand when comparing car insurances. 

Premiums are calculated based on your details and the insurers' offers are listed for comparison. In this way, you can quickly find the most cost-effective premium for your vehicle. If an offer is of interest, you can request a quote at no cost and with no obligations.

Which cover is right for me and my car?

Getting it right is crucial to ensure that you are not underinsured or overinsured. For this reason, supplementary cover should be selected as required, alongside the basic level of protection.

Liability insurance is mandatory for every vehicle as basic protection. Depending on the value of your vehicle, partial casco or comprehensive insurance might also be worthwhile. This enables you to insure your vehicle against damage due to hail, theft or vandalism, for example.

The all-round protection of comprehensive insurance is recommended for new cars and is often mandatory for leased vehicles. Partial casco insurance is usually suitable if your car has a high value but is no longer new. If you are unsure of the benefits of partial casco and comprehensive insurance, you will find a guide

You also have the option of extending and individually optimizing your car insurance with useful supplementary coverage, for example:

  • Coverage for gross negligence
    Protects you against the insurer reducing your benefits or suing you in the event of a loss if you caused a claim through gross negligence.
  • Roadside assistance
    Helps you in the event of a breakdown or an accident and ensures that you remain mobile. The organization of and costs for towing, the recovery of your vehicle, onward travel or accommodation and, if agreed, the costs for a replacement vehicle are covered.
  • Passenger accident insurance
    Offers you and other people in the vehicle insurance coverage in the event of an accident. It provides benefits in the event of death, disability or a short-term inability to work and covers medical expenses such as a private ward during a hospital stay.
  • Traffic legal protection
    Grants you legal protection in the event of legal disputes following traffic accidents, for example. In legal cases, legal protection covers things like attorney's fees, court costs and costs for reports.
  • Protection for your car
    With all-round protection specifically designed for electric and plug-in vehicles, your high-voltage battery, charging station and charging card, for example, are also insured.

These and many other supplementary coverage types are available to you. If you are unsure what scope of coverage you need, we also recommend a personal consultation. As an insurer, we can clarify frequent questions for you and calculate the best tariff for your individual situation.

What should I look out for when comparing results?

Many platforms list the cheapest offers at the top. When comparing options, you should take account not only of the price but also of the benefits offered. In addition, check how much the deductible is. It is often very high for the cheapest quotes. This usually means that you have to pay a lot yourself in the event of a loss – even for small repairs.

What insurance type am I?

When looking for the right car insurance, you should also ask yourself what is most important to you: Do I set the greatest store by a cheap premium – even if the deductible and financial risk are then higher? Do I only want to cover specific claims or do I want protection that is as comprehensive as possible?

The answers to these questions will also make it easier for you to choose the right scope of insurance.

When comparing car insurance premiums, also consider the period of insurance in view of a subsequent change of insurance.

Your journey to the right car insurance

Given the number and variety of offers, it is not easy to find the right insurance under your own steam. To get started, comparison portals may help to provide an overview of current offers. However, check the results carefully to see whether they meet your wishes and expectations.

It is also worth calculating the premium of your preferred insurer via their website in addition and comparing it with the result from the online platform. When compared with popular online platforms, some websites offer even more choices or coverage discounts and so may meet your individual wishes even better. There may also be differences in the calculation of the premium. 

Personal advice from the insurer directly could make it easier to reach a decision. Such a conversation is free of charge. In addition, advisers can usually offer more individual solutions than a data-based platform.

This means that you can be made aware of new offers in a more targeted fashion during an individual consultation. One example of a new offer is Zurich MyWay: This car insurance pays off for people who don't drive very often. Perhaps you could save money by switching to kilometer-based insurance? Comparing costs is a worthwhile exercise in any case – whether with the aid of an online platform or directly with your potential new insurer.

Saving tip for infrequent drivers

Do you drive less than 9,000 kilometers per year? If so, kilometer-based car insurance from Zurich may be the best car insurance for you: With Zurich MyWay, you pay only a small basic fee per month plus a charge for each kilometer you drive. You are still protected around the clock, and you have just as much flexibility as with traditional car insurance when it comes to choosing your cover and benefits.

Further information, including a premium calculator can be found at

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