Electric car: with Z Volt you can charge your car comfortably

Z Volt charging app charging stations

Electric car: with Z Volt you can charge your car comfortably

Electric cars are booming. But too many charging station providers with varying prices make the switch difficult. The Z Volt charging app shows that there is a simpler way.

Out and about on the asphalt plains – just my car and me. Nothing symbolizes freedom and independence like the car. But conventional cars pollute the environment. Vehicles with combustion engines emit the greenhouse gas CO2 and produce around 40% of all CO2 emissions in Switzerland.

Unlike combustion engines, electric cars are considered environmentally friendly and combine all the advantages of a conventional car. The quiet vehicle with the powerful drive is booming. The figures from the Swiss Federal Statistical Office speak for themselves: In 2021 there were 108,337 hybrid and electric cars registered on Swiss roads. Almost every second newly registered passenger car is a hybrid or electric car.

Trials and tribulations in the supplier network

Demand for electric cars is booming, suppliers deliver the products, but the infrastructure is lagging behind the success. There is potential for improvement, particularly in the area of charging infrastructure.

The biggest problem with electric cars is also their strength – they are powered by a high-voltage battery. While the power can be tapped from the domestic grid, anyone who needs to charge the battery while on the road needs a designated charging station.

Finding such a public charging station in the maze of providers can be a real challenge. The available charging network is inconsistent and confusing – even in terms of prices. Too many providers limit driver flexibility, making the switch more difficult.

One charge is enough for 200 to 600 kilometers

On the highway, there is usually a gas station every few kilometers. Electric car owners, on the other hand, always have to know where to find a suitable charging station when required. An unfamiliar route requires careful preparation. For conservative drivers, this might seem time-consuming and unusual.

The range of electric cars varies greatly. Depending on the model, an electric car can manage a distance of between 200 and 600 kilometers on a full charge. In everyday traffic, Swiss drivers cover an average distance of 30 to 40 kilometers, which is quite feasible for any battery.

What still prevents many from switching is the lower range in comparison to a combustion engine and the longer charging time. This all depends on the type of charging station. Charging at an ordinary outlet takes longer than at a public charging station. At a fast-charging station, you can charge 200 kilometers of range within ten minutes, depending on the battery's charging capacity.

The battery's charge level also plays a role. If this is at 10% or 20%, the battery charges much faster than at 60%.

Simply charge your electric car at over 2,500 charging points

Zurich Switzerland is launching the Z Volt charging app, a simple and accessible solution that sheds light on the darkness of charging stations.

Drivers can charge their electric car with Z Volt at Zurich's partner charging stations for a standard price. And they can do so at over 2,500 charging points, making it one of the largest charging networks in Switzerland. Switching to electromobility has never been easier.

Z Volt is very simple: download the charging app from the Apple or Android stores and open a free account, enter your credit card details and start charging immediately. No subscription fees or hidden costs. You only pay for what you need. Users also have the option of ordering a Z Volt charging card to complement the app.

At all charging points of Zurich's partners GOFAST and greenmotion, you charge your vehicle at a standard price. Customers with Zurich car insurance also pay six centimes less per charged kilowatt hour. Click here to download via iOS or Google Play Store.

The electric car is one piece in the mobility revolution puzzle. With innovative enhancements like the Z Volt charging app, more and more people are becoming interested in e-mobility.

What makes the Z Volt charging app worthwhile:

  • A standard price at all charging stations operated by Zurich partners throughout Switzerland
  • No subscription or basic fees 
  • One of the largest charging networks in Switzerland
  • Zurich customers with car insurance benefit from special conditions

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