Enjoy safe and worry-free journeys with autoSense

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Enjoy safe and worry-free journeys with autoSense

autoSense, the clever vehicle assistant, is compact and multi-faceted. It offers its users multiple functions for greater comfort and security when driving.
Plug in the adapter, download the app and start leveraging your vehicle data. Experience the future of mobility. Through autoSense, almost any vehicle, irrespective of make and model, can be quickly and easily transformed into a networked car with a multitude of useful functions. The idea behind the Zurich start-up autoSense is very smart. With this service, the company is following a trend that is also becoming apparent in other sectors: by making specific data known, users can benefit from individually coordinated services. 

autoSense – your car in an app

The digital vehicle assistant offers numerous functions to make the life of drivers easier. The system reports technical errors and provides valuable information about your driving style, so that you can keep optimizing it and making it more economical.

Thanks to the driveScore function and statistics, users have access to additional information about the number of kilometers driven, speed, acceleration and braking behavior. Have you ever hunted for your vehicle in the blue parking zone? Thanks to the GPS tracker, you can locate it at any time. Should someone mess with your vehicle or should it be stolen or towed away, you will be alerted immediately. You will always be able to find your car, wherever you parked it or drove it. Journey times and routes are recorded in the digital trip logbook. If required, the entire trip logbook can be exported as an Excel file and emailed each month. This makes expense settlements child's play. The Swiss tax authorities accept the excerpts as evidence.

But what about data privacy and cyber security? What's good to know is that the adapter itself only reads data. This means that hackers cannot take control of the vehicle. To be on the safe side, personal data and vehicle data are stored separately from one another on servers in Switzerland and the EU. 

Quick breakdown assistance and SOS button

Broken down? Wondering whether to go straight to the garage or whether to arrange an appointment as a precaution? The app notifies you of the problem so you can better assess what the right solution is. Painstaking searches through the manual become a thing of the past. In the event of a more serious incident, the SOS button can be activated via the app. If as a Zurich customer you have activated the Zurich Partner Service, you will be connected to the Zurich SOS team immediately. On request, the emergency team shares your precise location with additional partners to organize help quickly. Whether it's an accident or a breakdown, fast support and competent handling calms the nerves and saves time.  

Services at a glance

Your vehicle is only genuinely networked with the attractive Partner Services.  

  • Efficient garage service: You can book your appointment for your next service quickly and easily via the autoSense app. An additional benefit: your garage visit is more efficient as the workshop already has the required information about the state of the vehicle in advance of your visit. In addition, you can find out at any time how long your vehicle's warranty is valid for and can extend this if required in just a few clicks. 
  • Cashless fueling: Thanks to autoSense you can fill up on fuel in an extremely easy and contactless process at Migrol, directly via the app and without needing your wallet. As soon as you drive up to a Migrol fuel pump, the autoSense app recognizes the pumps that are available. Then all you have to do is select the desired pump and enter the maximum amount for fueling. You will never again fill up with gas instead of diesel as only the product saved is activated at the pump. Once the network of filling stations has been extended further, this aspect will be even more appealing. You retain control of your transactions at all times and always have a good overview of fill level and mileage. 
    Would you like to offset your CO2 emissions? This is also possible directly via the app.
  • Easy parking: Anyone who often travels by car will be familiar with the tiresome search for a parking space. If you're in a hurry, you want to quickly find a parking space and pay. autoSense can help with this too. Once parked, you can select the parking space and pay for the desired time via the app. Thanks to autoSense, the booked period ends automatically as soon as you leave the parking space. You don't pay a centime too much – only for the actual parking time!

How autoSense works: one car, one adapter, one app

autoSense consists of an adapter and an app and works for both new cars and used cars. The only prerequisite for use is an OBD2 interface in the car. Most gas cars built after 2001 possess this, as do diesel vehicles built after 2004. Plug in the adapter, download the app (iOS/Android) and access handy services immediately: be it the electronic trip logbook, tips on driving behavior or the location of your car. The networked system works in Switzerland and in all EU/Western European countries.

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