European accident statement form

Fill in European accident protocol

European accident statement form

If you are involved in an accident in Switzerland or abroad, the facts can be documented at the scene by all those involved using the European accident statement form.

A constant companion on the road

Anyone driving along the roads of Europe should have a copy of the European accident statement form in the glove box – ideally in their own language and the language of the country they are traveling in. The content and layout have been standardized across Europe.

If an accident occurs abroad, the individuals involved can fill out a copy in their respective language and then give each other a copy. In this way, the accident, all personal information and any damage to the vehicle can be simply documented at the scene for insurance purposes. 

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When you take out car insurance with Zurich, we will send you a copy of the European accident statement form alongside your insurance policy documents. You can order additional copies from us online free of charge.

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Please be aware of the following

  • Fill out the European accident statement form directly at the scene of the accident as precisely as possible.
  • Include the names and addresses of any witnesses.
  • When the form has been filled out, it must be signed by all those involved.
  • Should any people have been injured or should a person involved refuse to fill out the form, call the police.

Frequently asked questions

Why do I need the European accident statement form?

For the documentation of an accident. If your vehicle is involved in an accident, the European accident statement form helps you to record all relevant information and personal data for insurance purposes. The form is structured in exactly the same way across Europe and available in various languages.

Our tips for preparing to travel

Find out in good time before you travel, which documents you will need. This will ensure you don't forget important documents such as your International Insurance Card (formerly Green Card). 

How should I fill out the form?

Take care to describe the sequence of events of the accident for your insurer as precisely as possible in addition to the personal data of all those involved and any potential witnesses. It is also important that any damage to the vehicle is recorded and documented with a photo if possible.

Each party has to fill out a copy in their own language, have it signed by all the parties, and give them a copy. In the case of two parties who speak the same language, a single form form can be jointly filled out and signed by both parties.

What do I do with the form after the accident?

First, fill out the reverse side of the form at home. These details are needed by your insurer. Copy or, where necessary, photograph the completed form for your records. Please send the original copy to your insurer.

Our tip: Remember to obtain a new copy of the European accident statement form after the accident and place it in your glove box.

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