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Do you want to cancel yourself?

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To ensure that your changeover goes without a hitch, there are a few things that should be noted. You have to cancel your existing insurance policy/policies):
  • Check your existing insurance policy or the General Conditions of Insurance to see when you can normally cancel.
  • The set notice period must be complied with. This differs from case to case. The contract for your existing insurance policy specifies the applicable notice period in your case (e.g. three months). See also LINK When can I cancel my insurance
  • Please note! If you cancel too late, the contract is automatically extended by at least a year in most cases
  • You must cancel your existing insurance policy in writing – we have prepared a suitable letter for you.
  • We recommend that you send the cancellation by registered post – because this is the only way that you have proof that you cancelled in time
  • Insist that your cancellation is confirmed in writing – that way you can be sure that your cancellation has arrived and been accepted.


Change of vehicle

When you change your vehicle, you are entitled to insure your new vehicle with a new company. When the insurance is transferred, the old policy expires automatically and the previous insurer must give you a pro rata refund of the insurance premium.

Premium increase

Any premium increase, even if only on part of the insurance contract, gives you the right to cancel your policy in its entirety.

Contract expiry and notice period

When a motor vehicle insurance policy expires (see Insurance Policy), you have the right to cancel your insurance contract in compliance with the contractual notice period of three months. Your written notice of cancellation must have reached your insurer at the latest three months before expiry of the contract.
N.B.: The date of receipt, not the date of posting, is crucial. If the contract is not cancelled in good time before it expires, it is implicitly renewed by at least 1 year in each case.

In the event of a claim

Following every claim for which benefits are payable, you have the option of cancelling the contract no later than 14 days after learning of the payment.

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