Zurich and Social Media


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  • Social media are public platforms that enable all to express their views. We can only accept responsibility for our own comments.
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  • We will never ask you for personal details via social media. We recommend that you not publish any personal details (either of yourself or of third parties), such as age, addresses, contact details, etc., via social media.
  • Zurich complies with Swiss privacy legislation and only uses data received via social media for the purposes associated with the respective platform.

Questions about Zurich

  • We cannot comment on any speculations on Zurich as a company or on the insurance market.
  • Social media are not suitable for answering questions about the products and/or services of Zurich. Please send your request directly to your customer advisor, a Zurich general agency in your vicinity (can be found at www.zurich.ch) or to social-media@zurich.ch.