Corporate responsibility

Corporate responsibility


Whether its the Zurich Natural Hazard Radar, the Wetterfroscher junior weather forecaster program in elementary schools, the exhibition in the Umwelt Arena or the volunteering commitments of our employees – we at Zurich are getting involved. Because we want want to create sustainable values for the society in which we live, but also for our customers, employees and shareholders. And that not just in Switzerland, but throughout the world.

We reduced the amount of waste we produced in Switzerland by 30 percent last year.
We reduced our electricity consumption in Switzerland by 17 percent last year.

Our commitment to the environment

Radar des dangers

Zurich Natural Hazard Radar

The Zurich Natural Hazard Radar provides a sound site analysis for every property in Switzerland. And tips on how they can be protected against natural hazards. This pays off, as every franc invested saves up to 10 francs in consequential costs.

Umwelt Arena Pavillon

Zurich in the Umwelt Arena

The interactive Zurich exhibition "Change the Picture" in the Umwelt Arena Spreitenbach reveals the effects of climate change to over 120,000 visitors per year. And what every individual can do to combat it. (in german)


Zurich "Wetterfroscher"

Zurich is supporting the "Wetterfroscher" educational program developed by Meteotest: Wetterfroscher visits over 30 elementary school classes each year alongside an expert. They use fun and games to show the schoolchildren how we all endanger nature, but also how we can protect it. (in german)

Last year, we reduced our water consumption in Switzerland by 14 percent.
Last year, we reduced our heating expenditures in Switzerland by 24 percent.

Our employees get involved

The Zurich Community Day

Ensuring visually impaired people are optimally protected.

Zurich offers its employees the opportunity to use one work day per year for voluntary community work. It is a commitment that pays off: 

For every "Community Day" worked, the Z Zurich Foundation pays us a contribution. In 2018 these amounted to an impressive 6,000 Swiss francs. We donate this to the Swiss School for Guide Dogs in Allschwil.

hours of work were carried out for good causes by our employees worldwide
million Swiss francs has been invested to date in the global Flood Resilience program

Our global commitment

Zurich makes a commitment – worldwide

Find out more about our role as a global insurer and responsible investor, as well as about our global commitment to society. 

Papa e figlio

Our global commitment: All facts and figures

Discover all highlights, reports, publications and videos relating to all of our global sustainability activities. 

Zurich Foundation

Z Zurich Foundation

Through the Z Zurich Foundation, Zurich has been making a sustainable contribution to the well-being of our society since 1973.


Woman standing in a flood wearing a raincoat and rubber boots

Natural disasters – Do you know your risks?

The frequency and intensity of natural disasters and flooding or landslides is increasing as a result of climate change. How safe is your location?