Corporate responsibility

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Sustainability at Zurich Switzerland

Zurich wants to become one of the most sustainable companies. Not just in Switzerland, but worldwide. The brochure “Sustainability at Zurich Switzerland” gives you an overview of our commitment.

Our commitment to society

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For every life insurance policy taken out, we donate 5 Swiss francs to FRAGILE Suisse, the Swiss patient organization for people with brain injuries.


Swiss Ombudsman for Children's Rights

With the Z Zurich Foundation, we finance the Swiss Ombudsman for Children's Rights and are thus enabling the expansion of counseling to all cantons and language regions of Switzerland.

Zurich vitaparcours

Zurich Vita Parcours

We promote the health of the Swiss population: With 43 exercises each, the 500 keep-fit trails form the largest free outdoor fitness center in Switzerland - since 1968.


Our employees are committed to volunteer work.

The Zurich Community Day One day a year that counts twice. We offer our employees the opportunity to use one work day per year for voluntary community work. Whether cooking in Pastor Siebers Sunestube, an assignment with proNatura in a nature reserve or as a weather researcher in school - every commitment is worthwhile twice over: the Z Zurich Foundation makes a contribution for each accomplished Community Day, which we can donate to a charitable organization.

Our commitment to the environment

Radar des dangers

Zurich Natural Hazard Radar

The Zurich Natural Hazard Radar provides a sound site analysis for every property in Switzerland. And tips on how they can be protected against natural hazards. This pays off, as every franc invested saves up to 10 francs in consequential costs.


Our employees get involved

Every donation helps Every franc counts. And not just once Our employees are not only involved in volunteer work, as donations in kind or in cash are an integral part of Zurich's culture: Every year, thousands of francs are collected and donated. And this is very worthwhile, because every donation is doubled by the Z Zurich Foundation.

Our global commitment

Zurich makes a commitment – worldwide

Find out more about our role as a global insurer and responsible investor, as well as about our global commitment to society. 

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Our global commitment: All facts and figures

Discover all highlights, reports, publications and videos relating to all of our global sustainability activities. 

Zurich Foundation

Z Zurich Foundation

Through the Z Zurich Foundation, Zurich has been making a sustainable contribution to the well-being of our society since 1973.