Zurich's natural hazard radar

Zurich's natural hazard radar

Protecting properties from natural hazards

Climate change has consequences. Temperatures rise, precipitation is reduced, water shortages occur, and intense storms cause flooding. Extreme weather events can cause severe damage to property and infrastructure and, in the worst case, pose a threat to life and limb.

Natural hazard radar online tool

The Zurich natural hazard radar is an online tool that was developed in cooperation with the engineers and geologists from GEOTEST AG. It is based on the cantonal hazard maps and hazard index maps and on the maps of the Federal Office for the Environment (BAFU).

What is the most effective way to protect myself against natural hazards?

The challenge lies in adapting, recognizing the risks and minimizing the effects. Be it landslides, flooding, avalanches or rock falls - information and prevention pays off.

With just a few clicks of a mouse, visitors can find out whether and from which natural hazard their home or company location is at risk. All they need to do is enter the address of the property.

They will receive an analysis with the specific risk posed to their property, as well as numerous expert tips so that they can protect their property efficiently and cost-effectively.